Evangelical Christian vs Catholic?

I am Catholic and i attend a group called younglife which is evangelical christian. i also go to a catholic school but i want to make sure im not doing anything against my religion. what is the difference between the two religions?

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    One thing you should be aware of is that most evangelical Christians don't have a good understanding of Catholic theology and have a lot of misconceptions about Catholics. So be careful since some of the responses here from evangelicals may misrepresent Catholic teachings.

    There's nothing in the Catholic faith that says it's wrong to participate in an evangelical Christian group. There are many things we agree on - we believe in the Holy Trinity, that Jesus died for our sins and is our Savior, that we are saved by God's grace only and we cannot work our way into heaven. If you belong to the Evangelical Christian group for fellowship and activities, it could be fun. But again, be aware that often evangelicals misunderstand the Catholic faith.

    Catholics believe that those in heaven are alive in Christ and still part of God's family. So we believe we can pray to those in heaven (Mary and the saints) and ask them for prayers and help, just like we can ask for prayers and help from those here in earth. We're all one big happy family under Christ. However, evangelicals sometimes misunderstand this and think Catholics worship Mary and the saints.

    Catholics believe that the bible teaches we are saved by grace alone, but not faith alone. That just believing in Jesus is not enough to save us. (Even the devil believes in Jesus.) Catholics believe that God's grace fills us and so works done in response to God's grace are important. It's NOT that just doing good things gets us to heaven - it is because of God's grace that any works have merit. It's a subtle understanding that may evangelicals don't understand and so claim Catholics believe in works salvation when they don't.

    And there are a few other things like that. There's a website "Introduction to the Catholic Church for Evangelicals" that might be helpful if you have more questions:


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    Catholic Vs Evangelical

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    Evangelical Vs Catholic

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    Catholic church has large systematic and diverse institution. Evangelicals are off shoots of an off shoot of yet another off shoot depending on where and which country you are in. That is not to say the Catholic church is monolithic. There are Catholic cultures not Catholic culture. But this is only achievable and able to sustain itself because of this marvelous foundation. No other religion comes close from a secular stand point. A major problem plaguing Islam at the moment is the lack of an authority to defer to. So when a Catholic commits a terrible crime and claims it in the name of the church it is dismissed as opposed to ISIS. This may be harsh and cause some stir but I've been to the middle east and my very large family is scattered across the Ameican south and believe me, if a foreign army tried to occupy an evangelical part of the south or a foreign air force had drones dropping bombs on their cities, there would be the same problem amongst evangelicals. They'd turn to the bible to rationalize there actions however justified or unjustified just as Muslims go to the Koran.

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    There are actually many differences. Evangelical Christians are relatively new. They do not want to be affiliated with any existing Church so they form their own sub-denomination. For the most part there theology is Baptist. They believe in the Bible, but have a very different understanding on things than what was previously held by mainstream Christians. They delve into private interpretation contrary to the scriptures and they have a man made understanding of the Sacraments. They do not actually believe in the sacraments as a means of grace. This is contrary to the Scriptures and the fathers. I come from a Lutheran background so most would think I side with this so called church. The opposite is true I would recommend you stay with the R.C. If the group was Orthodox or Lutheran I would have a different view.

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    Doubt it. Lots and lots of Evangelical Christians in Mexico these days. I'm sure they get the same treatment as anybody else. Might be a good subject for a research project though.

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    That's a good angle; I never thought of that. But, nah; I think it's just good old, garden variety racism.

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    Evangelicals teach and preach from the Bible and the Bible only. Roman Catholics preach and teach from the traditions of the church under the direction of the Pope. Evangelicals will not break the first commandment, "Thou shall have {no} other God's before me." Not Mary, not a Saint. Also they obey the 2nd commandment, Thou shall {not} make unto thee any craven image." Evangelicals will {not} pray to any statuary or image of Mary or of a Saint or anyone else. These are just some of the differences.

    Source(s): Sola Scriptura, The Bible and the Bible only.
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    All the main religions have many sects...and each sect decides which ones of the ORIGINAL ONE they want to follow...problem is there are radicals in each of them and those are the ones that want EVERYONE to follow THEIR beliefs....and that only results in turmoil among the masses...which is what we've had in the past, today and always...

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    You are not doing anything against your religion. The Virgin Mary does not exclusively belong to any religion, but to all people and all religions.

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