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Prime minister of canada?

How would you become it?


How exactly are they elected?


Does that mean canada doesnt vote for prime minister?

lol why do we vote then if it doesnt matter...?

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    Canada doesn't vote for Prime Ministers. To become Prime Minister you need broad political support, which means leading a political party. What Canada *does* elect is the House of Commons. Leaders typically campaign on behalf of their parties in general elections, and a large part of the decision to vote for a Member of Parliament typically relies on who leads their political party. At the end of an election, each party has its mandate from the people, which is its voting power in the House.

    If one party has a majority of the seats, the leader is appointed Prime Minister by the Governor General. If not, then the various parties can leverage their mandates to negotiate a power sharing a arrangement. Otherwise, the party with the plurality of the seats typically forms the Government, with its leader becoming Prime Minister.

    There are technically no requirements for being Prime Minister. Conventionally, though, the PM should be a Member of Parliament, meaning they must be an eligible voter (18+ citizen) who is not otherwise disallowed from seeking office. Also, leadership of a political party is a practical necessity, since otherwise, no political parties are going to nominate you to be Prime Minister, and nobody has ever negotiated privately with individual MPs to become Prime Minister in Canada.

    I hope this makes it clear that we don't elect the PM, but that voting does matter. Voting matters in giving a political party (or parties) a mandate to govern. Who becomes Prime Minister is entirely up to the government in the House of Commons, and can change at any time at the governing party's whim without any public consultation.

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    You would have to become leader of your party in parliament first. Wouldn't hurt to know both French and English fluently. When your party wins a majority of seats or heads a coalition majority of seats then you become Prime Minister.

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