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Lesser of two evils: Alex Smith or Mark Sanchez?

As a Trojan fan, I've officially given up on Mark Sanchez. Like Pete Carroll said, Mark should've stayed in school for another season. His selfishness, coupled with his poor work ethic, backfired on him.

Alex Smith, although crappy, has a respectable personality. He doesn't pout and display poor body language after throwing an interception, unlike Sanchez.

While ardent Sanchez suporters will blame everything on his O-Coordinator, one must realize that Smith has had 7 O-coordinators in his first 7 years.

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    Well up until this year, I'd say Sanchez was the better QB. But this year, Alex has made leaps and bounds, which culminated in his game winning drive to put the 49ers in the NFC championship game. While Smith isn't playing on an elite level (yet), at least we can still say yet, while Sanchez seems to be deteriorating quickly.

    Smith has always, however, displayed work ethic and a team spirit. He restructured his rookie contract to help the team. He stuck around long after the fans turned on him, and he even trusted Harbaugh enough to come back, when he was finally free of a place he wasn't wanted at. Alex has triumphed in adversity, and as someone that has long criticized him, it's good to go into an offseason where drafting a QB isn't a priority.

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    Sanchez just wants the success, so far he's gotten it but he's not getting any Super Bowl rings and he'll eventually hit rock bottom, last year was probably the beginning of that. Meanwhile Alex Smith is mature and he knows how to play the game well, Im not saying Sanchez is bad at football but his personality affects his playing style.

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    I'm not a fan of either but I would go with Alex Smith.

  • 9 years ago

    I'd take Smith over Sanchez if that's what you mean.

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    Smith was terrible for six of those years. Both require good defense and running games to be tolerable.

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