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OB GYN (DFD)? help ..?

I've been given a project which is related on OB GYN Data flow diagram..

DFD in which i will show how the OB GYN's system should run ,

could you atleast give me some idea on how it runs,

and if you have some time could you answer this related to the topic

*Who are the people involved in the system

*How they approach the patient

*How the system begins

*How do they record

*Where the records going on

*Who will use the records

*What is the output of this(Benefits)

*System of payment

I know i should survey but im lacking of money to go there so im currently using some fact findings technique that had been discussed to us like this..

just atleast give your thoughts

and if u can give me some plan system it much be better thanks =D

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    A lot of this will depend on how a patient enters the system. They could:

    come in as soon as they know they're pregnant and get full care from the beginning from a GP/midwife/obs team. They might then plan the pregnancy around :

    caesar, natural, home birth, etc

    They might enter the system during labor with no background info.

    Obs is a mine field!

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