Difficult to get hired in Guam as teacher?

I will soon have my CA credential and Masters of Arts in Teaching from USC. I'm hoping to move and teach in Guam for 2-4 years. Just wondering if anyone knew the likelihood of being hired/thoughts on teachers coming to Guam to teach. Any advice would be helpful!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Guam is ALWAYS in need of teachers.

    The pay is below average and some of the schools are literally condemned buildings, others are brand new.



    ...Inspectors from the Department of Public Health and Social Services on Thursday gave the campus separate demerits for dirty classrooms, dirty classroom floors, the poor condition of classroom desks, broken classroom window cranks, broken lights, exposed piping, classroom doors that didn't automatically close and a dirty refrigerator in the home economics classroom, an inspection report shows.

    Yesterday, the Guam Fire Department inspected the school. Fire Department spokesman Ed Artero said violations such as insufficient fire extinguishers or exposed electrical wiring would have closed the school if Public Health hadn't done so. Artero said the fire inspection was prompted by the health inspection the day before.


    The cost of living on Guam is astronomical. Crime is a problem. Guam leads the USA in sexual assaults.



    HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Dec. 12, 2011) – There are nearly three times as many rapes reported on Guam than in an average American town of the same size, and about 40 percent of those reports never led to an arrest.


    Drugs are a problem with methamphetamine, locally known as "Ice," being a particular problem.

    The condition of public spaces is generally filthy.



    Visitors to the Plasan Maga' Lahi Hurao pavilion in Anigua yesterday expected to have a peaceful, beach gathering but were met with mounds of litter.

    The trash overflowed from a barrel and was spread all around the pavillion, making it difficult to walk without brushing against a piece of wet cardboard or a crushed beer can.

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