What do you think of these girl names?

Well I've already been here before, but I've edited my list since then. So if you would, please tell me what you think! Thanks(:

Oh, and this is just a list of my twelve favorite girls' names.

1. Rowan Annelise

2. Nova Elaine

3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh)

4. Elaina Judith

5. Bridget Allyn

6. Caroline Christine

7. Blaire Mckenzie

8. Drew Elizabeth

9. Gabriella Corinne

10. Emma Lorraine

11. Summer Elise

12. Carter Elise

Also, if you don't like one of the names, it would be awesome if you could say why and maybe give me some other options for it. Thanks in advance!


Sorry, my name isn't Rowan. So no, I would not name my daughter after myself. :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Rowan Annelise - Stunning! I love the combination, too

    2. Nova Elaine - I love Nova, but dont really like Elaine, sorry. I just sounds old to me. And it reminds me of Elaine the Pain off Tracey Beaker. Nova Elise, Nova Erin or Nova Ellen are all pretty though. And Nova Eden would be stunning.

    3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh) - I love this. Cassia is one of my favourite names.

    4. Elaina Judith - I dont really like Judith too much. Its not too bad in general though. Personally, I'd use Elaina Juliet, Eliana June or Elaina Jude

    5. Bridget Allyn - Love Bridget, dont know how to pronounce Allyn? Looks pretty though

    6. Caroline Christine - Sorry, hate both names. Too old lady-ish. Coraline Selene is stunning though. Or Clementine Corrine.

    7. Blaire Mckenzie - Like Blaire, HATE Mckenzie. Just hate it. Dont know why. I think you need a more feminine name on the end of Blaire, personally. Blaire Elaine, Blaire Annelise, Blaire Cassia, Blaire Reye, Blaire Elise and Blaire Corrine are all lovely

    8. Drew Elizabeth - my absolute favourite. ADORE

    9. Gabriella Corinne -Very pretty

    10. Emma Lorraine -Sorry, I dont really like Lorraine. Again, too old. Emma Raine is pretty though.

    11. Summer Elise - Really love this

    12. Carter Elise - Sorry, I think Carters too masculine

  • Cody
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    9 years ago

    1. Rowan Annelise - LOVE the middle name, not so much the first.

    2. Nova Elaine - 8/10. Nova is a little out there, but I could get used to it.

    3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh) 0/10 Bleh.

    4. Elaina Judith - I like the first, hate the middle. Elaina Julianne, Elaina Jane.

    5. Bridget Allyn - Gross.

    6. Caroline Christine - Too many C's.

    7. Blaire Mckenzie - LIKE LIKE. :) Very nice.

    8. Drew Elizabeth - Like the first name, but the middle name is too common. Drew McKenzie, Drew Elaina.

    9. Gabriella Corinne - Ew.

    10. Emma Lorraine - Like Emma, hate the middle name... sorry.

    11. Summer Elise - Eh. These two I like but not together..

    12. Carter Elise - Very pretty. I think it's a good mix of masculine and feminine. Nice.

  • Rowan Annelise (8/10)

    Nova Elaine (8/10)

    Cassia Reye (9/10)

    Elaina Judith (7/10)

    Bridget Allyn (10/10)

    Caroline Christine (10/10)

    Blaire Mackenzie (10/10)

    Drew Elizabeth (10/10)

    Gabriella Corinne (9/10)

    Emma Lorraine (10/10)

    Summer Elise (10/10)

    Carter Elise (7/10)

    My favrotie is Blaire Mackenzie & Caroline Christine :3

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  • Sian
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    9 years ago

    1. Rowan Annelise - Rowan isn't a girl's name. Just a boy's name that, like every other boy name in Europe at this point, was roped into a ridiculous trend of slapping boy names on girls. If you're going to name your daughter Rowan, make sure to name your son Arabella and we'll call it even.

    2. Nova Elaine - Nova sounds like a spaceship.

    3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh) - Reye... I don't know what it is but it's not nice.

    4. Elaina Judith - Perfect.

    5. Bridget Allyn - Misspelling Allan won't trick people into believing it belongs on a girl.

    6. Caroline Christine - Alliteration is iffy. But it's still nice.

    7. Blaire Mckenzie - People will likely think your daughter is a boy.

    8. Drew Elizabeth - Drew is HORRIBLE!

    9. Gabriella Corinne - Very nice.

    10. Emma Lorraine - Quite classy.

    11. Summer Elise - Not fond of Summer but, on the whole, it's pretty nice.

    12. Carter Elise - Carter isn't a girl's name. And, aside from that, it would look plain nasty on a girl. In fact, if I saw a girl with the boy's name Carter, I'd think that parents were disappointed they got a girl instead of a boy.

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  • 9 years ago

    Rowan Annelise: I really hate Rowan to me it's a boy name please don't name her that it's not prety at all.

    Nova Elaine: I really like Elaine as a middle name but I don't like the name Nova it's sounds like something an alien would be named.

    Cassia Reye: Middle name hate it but I love Cassia it's so pretty and formal at the same time.

    Elaina Judith; Really pretty though i'm not to sure I like Jdith as a middle name.

    Bridget Allyn: I don't really like this the name Allyn is kind of stupid if you ask me.

    Caroline Christine: It has a nice ring to it and sounds modern it's a great name.

    Blaire Mckenzie: OMG I love this name it's so pretty

    Drew Elizabeth: again I think of Drew as a guys name so I would not name my kid this.

    Gabrielle Corinne: I hate the name Gabrielle it's just not pretty a good alternative is Aubrielle.

    Emma Lorraine: Pretty but the name Emma is super common naming you kid this would mean she would share a name with tons of people.

    Summer Elise: Short and Sweet<3

    12. Carter Elise: Guy name again:(

  • A
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    9 years ago

    1. Rowan Annelise - Don't like Rowan, but I do like Annelise. How about Raichel Annelise?

    2. Nova Elaine - Ehh don't really like either. I guess Nova is ok though. How about Nicolette Eva?

    3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh) - I like this name.

    4. Elaina Judith - Don't like. How about Erynn Jayda?

    5. Bridget Allyn - Cute name, I like Allyn a lot.

    6. Caroline Christine- I like Caroline, but not Christine. The two sound really good together though! How about Caroline Calliope (Cah-Lie-Oh-Pee)

    7. Blaire Mckenzie - Blaire is ok, I like Mckenzie How about Brooklyn McKenzie?

    8. Drew Elizabeth - Drew is for guys, I like Elizabeth. How about Dakota Elizabeth?

    9. Gabriella Corinne Don't like Gabriella, I do like Corinne. How about Genova Corinne?

    10. Emma Lorraine I love this name! I also love Emma Lorelei

    11. Summer Elise This name is pretty good.

    12. Carter Elise I really dislike Carter. How about Kaisyn Elise?

  • Kat
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    9 years ago

    1. Rowan Annelise...I think of Mr. Bean when I hear the name Rowan...Annelise is pretty, though.

    2. Nova Elaine...I like Elaine, but not Nov<---sounds like something from outer space.

    3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh) ...I don't like this one at all...sounds made-up.

    4. Elaina Judith...very nice...Also nice as Judith Elaina.

    5. Bridget Allyn...Love Bridgett, but not Allyn<---is this Allen? That's a boys name.

    6. Caroline Christine...VERY NICE!!!! LOVE IT!!

    7. Blaire Mckenzie...Blaire is boring and McKenzie is a surname...don't like it.

    8. Drew Elizabeth ...Drew is boring and to me more a boys name. Elizabeth is fine.

    9. Gabriella Corinne..I like both names, just not together. Doesn't flow well.

    10. Emma Lorraine...Emma is way over-used...Lorraine is ok.

    11. Summer Elise...I don't like this one at all. I just don't like name Summer.

    12. Carter Elise...Carter is a surname...Elise is ok.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Rowan Annelise - Rowan is the name the girl in my school changed her name to when she became a boy. Annelise is lovely

    2. Nova Elaine - this is nice, Elaine isn't my taste but there's nothing really wrong with it

    3. Cassia Reye (Kass-ee-uh) - bit iffy, i keep readying Cassidy. maybe Ray or Rae or Rain instead of Reye, which looks sooo made up

    4. Elaina Judith - you know my comment on Elaina, but Judith is the name of my dentist *hides*

    5. Bridget Allyn - love Bridget, but Allyn sounds really made up, like a stupid way of Alan, and like a last name. I suggest Alice?

    6. Caroline Christine - both ok names, but matching syllables is iffy

    7. Blaire Mckenzie - kill it with fire, far too trendy names for my taste, and Blaire is just hideous, it's like Tony Blair

    8. Drew Elizabeth - don't like Drew, on any gender, it just epitomises someone really dumb and dopey to me, Elizabeth is lovely

    9. Gabriella Corinne - this is really nice

    10. Emma Lorraine - love Emma, Lorraine isn't my taste, but there's nothing wrong with it, I like Lily, Lorelei and Leilani as L-names

    11. Summer Elise - very nice

    12. Carter Elise - Carter is a last name - a trend I really don't like. Elise is lovely

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    I dislike:


    Carter (Its more of a boys name!)



  • 9 years ago

    Bridget, Elaina, Christine,, Elaine, Blaire, Emma, Elise and Carter are nice :)

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