How much will my 90% brand new iPhone 3g cost if I wanted to sell it?

My sis gave me her barely used iPhone 3g after she got herself an iPhone 4. I'm happy about that and it's my very first iPhone but I'm just sad about the cool new features apple and ios has to offer which my iPhone is missing to think of ios 5. I'll be really happy if I had a 3GS. It's not like I'm ungrateful to my big sis, I'm really happy she got me an iPhone but just sad on how behind I am.She knows I want a 3GS or later but says that I'm 13 and a 3G is perfect(I kinda agree with her). I just pray when she gets to buy a 4s or later she'll give me her iPhone 4 and I'll give the 3G to my little sis.My main point is, if I'm not able to hold my tolerance with the 3G and would want to sell it in order to raise money and buy a 3gs, how much do you think it will sell?(The 3G)


PS. Can I go to an apple store and sell it there?

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  • 9 years ago
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    If in India, you can sell it for around Rs 13,000 /-

    You might have to go less too because most of the people now prefer Android as its awesome and also new cell phones like Motorola Defy Plus has much more better features and with Android 2.3 and it sells around for Rs 16,000/-

    & No, you cannot sell your I-Phone in apple store.

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