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Does anyone know what the specific requirements are to be an attorney in Vermont?

I would like to 'read' the law in Vermont and obtain a license to act as an Attorney. My background is in Accounting so I have some knowledge of the law. I am aware that you must pass the BAR exam as well as the character fitness assessment. I do know that you can become an attorney without Law school (In Vermont and a minority of other states) but are any further requirements needed other than passing the BAR?

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    (g) An applicant shall have pursued the study of law with special reference to the general

    practice of law:

    (1) for a period of not less than four years within this state under the supervision of an

    attorney in practice in the state who has been admitted to practice before this Court not less

    than three years prior to the commencement of that study, or

    (2) in any jurisdiction of the United States or common law jurisdiction in a law school

    approved by this Court which maintains a three-year course leading to a law degree.

    So, you either have to attend an accredited law school or study with an attorney for 4 years within the state, and that attorney must have passed the bar more than 3 years prior.

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    Actually, no you cannot become an attorney in Vermont without attending an American Bar Association Accredited Law School. These are not statutes, they are the Rules of the Supreme Court of Vermont. The Vermont Bar Association has them available for you to read. The complete Admission Rules are available here:

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