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YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Chris Jericho

United States Champion- Christian

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

Diva's Champion- Natalya

WWE Tag Team Champions- Vacant

GM Eric Bischoff comes out and talks about how amazing he thinks tonights show will be. Five amazing matches. Tonight has a double main event. First, the vacated WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line in a triple threat tag team match. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre will look to reclaim the titles against Chris Jericho & Batista and Bryan Danielson & Kaval. And there MUST be a winner. And also tonight As promised, Shawn Michaels v Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder Match to determine who enters first and who enters last in the Royal Rumble. WHC Chris Jericho comes out. He says he is the WHC and refuses to team with Batista. He says he has enough to worry about with out having to team with a roided up freak for titles he doesn't even want. What he wants to know is, will there be an opponent for him at the Royal Rumble. Bischoff says yes of course. At the Royal Rumble Jericho will defend his WHC. In a fatal four way. Against Batista, Bryan Danielson, and Kaval. And Jericho still has to team with Batista. Jericho flips out

1. Lita v Beth Phoenix

Interveiw with Bryan Danielson and Kaval. They say they are so excited about the oppertunities they are being given tonight and at the Rumble. First they are going to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles and then at the Royal Rumble one of them will win the WHC. Then of course the other gets the first title shot.

2. Jack Swagger v Tyson Kidd

Mr. Kennedy comes out and talks about winning the Royal Rumble. He says after the Rumble he will go to Wrestlemainia and be come the new WHC. He tells the crowd your new WHC will be MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. KENNNNNNEEEEDDDDYYYYYY..... Kennedy.

3. Mr. Kennedy v Desmond Wolfe

Eddie Guerrero is back stage with Vickie and Chavo. Vickie says she is worried about Eddie because he hasn't been in as much Ladder Matches as Shawn Michaels. Eddie tells her to calm down. He has been in enough. He won some and he lost some. Tonight he is going to win one.

4. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre v Chris Jericho & Batista v Bryan Danielson & Kaval

Interveiw with Shawn Michaels. He says Ladder Matches are his specialty. He made Ladder Matches. Ladder Matches made his career. He will have no problem climbing the ladder and grabbing that contract that says he will be entering the Royal Rumble last. HBK is asked what if he loses? HBK says that won't happen, but if it does, he will have to win the Royal Rumble by entering first. He has before.

5. Shawn Michaels v Eddie Guerrero (Ladder Match)

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    Opening Promo: Usual gold. 10/10

    Match 1-Lita wins. These ladies can work. 10/10

    Interview with the Warrior/Dragon: Nice. 9/10

    Match 2-Tyson Kidd picks up an upset. Good match. 9/10

    Mr Kennedy Promo: Can't wait. 9/10

    Match 3-Desmond Wolfe steals one. 9/10

    Eddie's Segment: Will he?.... 9/10

    Match 4-Matchgasm. Bryan Danielson wins. 10/10

    Shawn Michaels interview: Of course. 9/10

    Match 5-The best. HBK wins. 10/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 48/50 A+

    Promo/Segment Value: 46/50 A

    Show Grade: 94/100 A

    Show Wrap Up:

    Match of the Night: Shawn Michaels v Eddie Guerrero (Ladder Match)

    Trash of the Night: Zippo

    Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening Segment

    Closing Comments:

    **Your EN FUEGO bro! Another awesome match. Solid A you got here. All of the matches were awesome, it was hard to pick a MOTY. The promos all fit their places, and were awesome. Solid show match, keep it up!

  • Promo 1-9/10

    Match 1-winner Lita-8/10

    Promo 2-7.5/10

    Match 2-winner Jack Swagger-7.5/10

    Promo 3-8/10

    Match 3-winner Mr. Kennedy-8/10

    Promo 4-7.5/10

    Match 4-winners Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre-9/10

    Promo 5-8/10

    Match 5-winner Shawn Michaels-10/10

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    1-5 second option

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