east europe travel budapest,krakow,prague or other place.?

i want two travel with friends two 3 different east europe countries staying 3 nights or 4 in each place.

all the friends have same interests like visiting nice places,history,nightlife...

we want two stay in hotels in the centre of the cities.

the cities we where considering are

budapest hungary

krakow poland

prague czech republic

bratislava slovakia

any other recommendations are welcomed

we can only hit 3 so it,s a hard decision .

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  • jonal
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    8 years ago
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    Budapest is great. You can do Bratislava and Venice by train or bus from there or by fast hydrofoil along the river Danube which is a helluva trip but pricey.

    Maybe stop off in Bratislava for a night because it's on the route to Vienna. It's very pleasant.

    No longer than a one night stop though because your time is better spent in the other cities if you want to see them.

    If not, enjoy lovely Bratislava. It's still a fine place to visit.


    Vienna is mighty expensive but well worth visiting. Take care with the budget.

    That leaves Prague or Krakow and both are beautiful but the centre of Prague is touristy now. Eat away from the centre to get the real thing at half the price instead of expensive tourist menus, and the same goes for buying souvenirs.

    My choice would be Krakow rather than Prague but for the most time in cities and the least time travelling, choose three-in-a-line along the Danube.

    Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna.You'll still have a great time.

    Hostelbookers ...cheaper than hotels, especially in Vienna

    You can get private rooms in most hostels if you book early enough. Hostelbookers, Hostelworld and Hostelz.com do backpacker hostels and budget hotels.


    EDIT...just for info and a smile about 'no worries' re languages etc..

    Willeke's answers are always excellent. Mine is a chatty one.

    The second one is old but nothing in Budapest moved anywhere...it's the same great place to visit.



  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes hard decision, definitely Prague is must. Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest are very close to each other so we would say to stay in Budapest or Vienna and do some one day trip do Bratislava (it is the smallest) or other. Krakow is very nice but little bit far away.

  • 8 years ago

    Budapest, Prague and Bratislava are pretty. Krakow is a bit far away from those so might be inconvenient.

    I'd recommend Vienna over Bratislava though. Lots more to do and the hotels are more reasonably priced. So my recommendation: Budapest, Prague, Vienna.

    Source(s): Travelled extensively throughout Europe.
  • NiNI
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    8 years ago

    Skip Bratislava and add Ljubljana.

    I say do Ljubljana, Budapest and Prague or Vienna. Krakow is nice but a bit out of the way.

    Source(s): Been to all of them.
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  • 8 years ago

    I would definitely choose Prague, Vienna (Bratislava) and Budapest. Bratislava is one hour by train/bus from Vienna and it's not very big, so you could arrive there from Vienna in the morning and take the last train/bus back to Vienna. You could also go from Vienna to Bratislava with all your luggage, leave the luggage at the station, spend 5-7 hours in Bratislava, and take a bus/train to Budapest in the evening.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Budapest has a great deal to present, discover what with hotelbye . Museums and galleries, churches and synagogues, palaces and historic houses, bathrooms and pools; all are shown with the effect of Secession in the city. In Budapest you can have the distinguished sensation that anything out of the standard is just around the corner, but what it will soon be is your responsibility to find out. One of the places you must see in Budapest is towered over the Danube and may be the Castle Hill. Castel Hill includes a lot of Budapest's most significant medieval monuments and museums. Also, undoubtedly the absolute most spectacular of these extraordinary structures may be the 18th-century Buda Castle, a huge 200-roomed palace that, like much of the city, is spectacularly illuminated at night.

  • 8 years ago

    Budapest and Prague definitely, Not much in Bratislava, Krakow seems interesting.

    Id also suggest cities like: Vienna,Sarajevo,Belgrade,Zagreb,Kiev, and Warsaw

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Prague has been considered as one of the very most wonderful towns on earth since Middle Ages and you know perhaps not eliminate the chance to view it, with hotelbye . Adjectives such as for example “golden“, “city of 100 spires“, “the crown of the world“ were caused by Prague and for a reason. The Historic Centre of Prague that's been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992 and with its 866 hectares is the largest historic city centre on this list on earth and that is one among the lovely areas Prague needs to offer.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    The capital of Ukraine, Kiev is really a bustling city (that you will see with hotelbye) saturated in energy. Kiev is really a passionate town wherever old fashioned prices work serious in Ukrainian culture. Kiev is really a city where the modern crashes in to the historical. Kiev is a city that delivers UNESCO World Heritage with unique striking Golden domed churches. No different town in Europe has more natural open areas than Kiev. Wonderful parks and flowers, tree covered boulevards and the great Dneiper River. Kiev happens to be a town worth visited because it will not let you down and you may have the best holydays ever.

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