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is online tutoring good?

Hi i really needed a math tutor but transportation is hard, and my moms going away for a month so does anyone know if online tutoring is good for you and if it works well.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    It can depend on your learning style and the the subject. I personally think math would be very difficult to learn online (im bad at math) because its harder to see the problem being done and ask questions about simple things maybe you could find someone from your school that can tutor you during some lunch breaks. Or, someone from your class maybe you could probably get away with paying them much less than an actual tutor. Speaking of which, this technique may seem kind of silly but it might help you understand the concepts better if YOU try to reteach it to someone else after learning it. (even your dog) that way you get practice and you realize what areas you have trouble with.

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