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What do you think of these girl names?

Please rate and/or comment on each(:

Ryleigh Olivia-

Savannah rue-

Audrey Claire-

Addison chelsea(Addie)-

Hayley rose-

Makayla Renee-

Jayda McKenzie-

Quinn Marie-

Rylee Alivia-

Elena Marie-

Ella Mae-

Kori Ella-

Paisley Rose-

Morgan Elizabeth-

Emma grace-

Everleigh Rose-

Hayden Nicole-

Brielle Elaine-

Delaney Mae-

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ryleigh Olivia- 6/10

    Not to keen on the name Ryleigh, to me it look sort of made up? But love the name Olivia! And prefer it as a middle name and Olivia has become extremely common as a first name now but it's still so pretty!

    Savannah Rue- 7/10

    Cute name but I would prefer 'Rae' as the middle name though :-)

    Audrey Claire- 8/10

    Aww! This name is so beautiful! I really love the name Audrey and I don't think enough people use it now a days but it's so pretty and Audrey Claire flows so well together! :)

    Addison Chelsea(Addie)- 6/10

    Not my favorite but it's OK, I don't think the two names flow that well together.

    Hayley Rose- 7/10

    Cute, pretty and feminine name :-)

    Makayla Renee- 8/10

    Two gorgeous, pretty and un-common names and they go really well together :)

    Jayda McKenzie- 5/10

    Not keen, sounds abit trashy - sorry.

    Quinn Marie- 6/10

    I don't really like Quinn as it is the last name as someone I know so it is hard for me to picture it as a first name but I love the middle name Marie and the two names go well together :)

    Rylee Alivia- 7/10

    Cute, pretty name :-) I like it

    Elena Marie- 8/10

    Aww this name is so pretty! I really like it, the two names flow really well together and it is such a pretty name to look at :-)

    Ella Mae- 8/10

    Ella is a simple but pretty name :-) and my middle name is Mae! I love it! Ella Mae goes really well together :)

    Kori Ella- 7/10

    I like the names but I don't think they go that well together.

    Paisley Rose- 7/10

    Don't like the name Paisley, sorry! I just don't find it a pretty name but Rose it a gorgeous middle name :)

    Morgan Elizabeth- 8/10

    Really like this name! Morgan is cute and Elizabeth is so classy, elegant and beautiful!

    Emma Grace- 7/10

    Never been that keen on the name Emma but Grace is a gorgeous middle name and Emma Grace does flow so well together :)

    Everleigh Rose- 6/10

    Don't like the name Everleigh - it sounds made up? But like I've said before Rose is gorgeous :)

    Hayden Nicole- 6/10

    Hayden to me is a boys name :/ But Nicole is a really beautiful feminine name :)

    Brielle Elaine- 7/10

    Cute name! Love Brielle and both names flow really well together :)

    Delaney Mae- 7/10

    Not too keen on Delaney but Mae is sweet :)

    Hope I've helped!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ryleigh Olivia- I think Ryleigh is cute.... so is Olivia. I like Riley Alivia more though (: 7/10

    Savannah rue- Savannah is soo cute c: But I don't like Rue very much. 7/10

    Audrey Claire- Ilike! 7/10

    Addison chelsea(Addie)- Cute cute cute cute. 10/10

    Hayley rose- Awwwwh c: I like it. 8/10

    Makayla Renee- Ehhhh... not too big of a fan, but it is ok !

    Jayda McKenzie- Don't really like Jayda, love Mackenzie ! 8/10

    Quinn Marie- uhm.. 4/10

    Rylee Alivia- Lol, didn't I already do this ? (;

    Elena Marie- cuutiie. 7/10

    Ella Mae- 8/10

    Kori Ella- 7/10

    Paisley Rose- 6/10

    Morgan Elizabeth- 5/10

    Emma grace-6/10

    Everleigh Rose- 6/10

    Hayden Nicole- 1000/10

    Brielle Elaine- 9.99/10

    Delaney Mae- 9/10

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  • 8 years ago

    Ryleigh 6

    Savannah 6

    Audrey 4

    Addison 5

    Hayley 7

    Makayla 7

    Jayda 0

    Quin 0

    Rylee 5

    Elena 7

    Ella 9

    Kori 9

    Paisley 4

    Morgan 7

    Emma 3

    Everleigh 2

    Hayden 5

    Brielle 3

    Delaney 1

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  • 8 years ago

    Ryleigh Olivia- 4/10

    Savannah rue-3/10

    Audrey Claire-3/10

    Addison chelsea(Addie)-3/10

    Hayley rose-3/10

    Makayla Renee-2/10

    Jayda McKenzie-1/10

    Quinn Marie-4/10

    Rylee Alivia-6/10

    Elena Marie-10/10 one of my favourites

    Ella Mae-9/10 one of my favourites

    Kori Ella-3/10

    Paisley Rose-4/10

    Morgan Elizabeth-5/10

    Emma grace-10/10one of my favourites

    Everleigh Rose-8/10 one of my favourites

    Hayden Nicole-1/10

    Brielle Elaine-1/10

    Delaney Mae-1/10

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  • 8 years ago

    Ryleigh Olivia- how about Olivia Ryleigh

    Savannah rue- I don't like the last name

    Audrey Claire- Very Pretty

    Addison chelsea(Addie)- Chelsea Addsion sounds MUCH better

    Hayley rose- Good but not my absolute favorite

    Makayla Renee- good, how about Mikayla Renee

    Jayda McKenzie- Very Fly

    Quinn Marie- Don't Like. Sorry

    Rylee Alivia- how about Riley Alivia (Much better)

    Elena Marie- Normal

    Ella Mae- Good

    Kori Ella- how about Ella Kori

    Paisley Rose- Really Pretty

    Morgan Elizabeth- Nope

    Emma grace- SUPER PRETTY!!!!!!!!!

    Everleigh Rose- SUPER PRETTY!!!!!!!

    Hayden Nicole- NOPE!!!! :(

    Brielle Elaine- Not my fav.

    Delaney Mae- like the first name, hate the last.

    Don't take it offensivley. these are just my opinions, you don't have to use them. in the end of the day it's what you want.

    Source(s): me.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ryleigh Olivia- I love the name, but I don't like the spelling of Ryleigh. I prefer Riley instead. I love Olivia though.

    Savannah Rue- I love this name. I don't usually like the name Rue, but I think it goes really well with Savannah.

    Audrey Claire- I love this combination. One of my good friends name is Audrey and I have always loved this name. Claire goes very smoothly with Audrey.

    Addison Chelsea- I don't particularly care for this name. I have never liked the name Chelsea or Addison.

    Hayley Rose- This is a really cute name. It sounds very melodic.

    Makayla Renee- I don't like the name Makayla it sounds kind of grading to my ears. I don't think Renee goes very well with Makayla.

    Jayda McKenzie- Jayda is very unique, I like it a lot. This works because you combined a more modern name with a traditional name.

    Quinn Marie- I love this name. I have never really thought of Quinn as a girls name, but I love it as a girls name now that I think about it :)

    Rylee Alivia- I like the name Alivia it is a different twist on Olivia. I don't really like Rylee spelled this way either. It sounds too trendy.

    Elena Marie- This is a very pretty name. It flows together nicely.

    Ella Mae- This is my favorite name out of the list so far besides Quinn Marie, Audrey Claire, Savannah Rue. It is sophisticated and elegant.

    Kori Ella- I love Ella but Kori seems too masculine for me.

    Paisley Rose- Paisley seems a bit too trendy and a name that you won't really like in a few year.s

    Morgan Elizabeth- I like this name, but it isn't my favorite on the list. I would like Elizabeth Morgan much better.

    Emma Grace- I love this name. Emma fits with Grace and it they are both common names, but they aren't too popular.

    Everleigh- I don't like the name Everleigh at all. I don't know why I can't really think of a reason, but I don't like it.

    Hayden Nicole- I like this name a lot. Hayden is a great name for a little girl or an adult. It works for both.

    Brielle Elaine- I think you should pair Brielle with a different middle name. Brielle and Elaine don't go very well together.

    Delaney Mae- This is an adorable name. I like the name Delaney because I have only met one person named Delaney before.

    I hope I was able to help you out! Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Riley, Addison, Mackenzie, Cory, Morgan, Quinn and Hayden are all masculine boys names.

    Makayla (Michaela), Paisley, Everleigh, Brielle and Delaney are all tacky.

    The only nice sets are Audrey Claire, Hayley Rose, Elena Marie, Ella May, and Emma Grace.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1 Emma Grace

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  • 8 years ago

    like savannah but not rue

    like addison chelsey

    like makayla renee

    like quinn marie

    like emma grace

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  • 8 years ago

    Hayley Rose<3!

    Sounds lovely :D



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