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How do I get Freeview on my new HDTV?

Well, I have just recently bought a new 22 inch LED TV from the Tesco exclusive brand Technika. It apparently has built in Freeview and is digital ready. Now what I would like to know is how do I receive the Freeview channels. I already know I can receive Freeview in my area, so what do I need to buy? Do i need to buy a digital aerial or an actual Freeview box? Thanks for reading and answering. :)

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    ALL new television sets have built in Freevview receivers. So all that you need to do is to plug your existing aerial into the television and switch it on.

    The inititial set up menu will appear on the screen so you must just follow the instructions. The television will find the Freeview television and digital radio channels automatically.

    It will help you a lot if you read the instruction book first. These are often badly written (and even more badly translated from Chinese into almost-American) so you may need to read it several times before you understand what's going on. It's worth making the effort to understand how to get the best from your fairly expensive new telly.

    There is no such thing as a Digital Aerial. Even the official DigitalUK body that is overseeing the conversion to digital television is sick to the back teeth of people taling about them. All television aerials work in exactly the same way. The only difference is in their sensitivity (their ability to receive tv transmissions). Big aerials are best in weak reception areas.

    See for lots more information about aerials and transmitters.

    "Digital ready" is also meaningless because all Freeview broadcasts are digital. I think you mean "HD Ready". The television is "HD Ready". This means that it will only directly receive the 60 or more Standard Definition Freeview channels. It will not receive BBC1 HD or BBC 2 HD or ITV HD etc. If you want to watch High Definition (HD) programmes then you will need to connect to someting like a Sky HD box or a BT V-Box.

    You can also watch HD from Blu-ray discs if you buy a Blu-ray player and connect it to the telly with an HDMI lead.

    By the way, when your television goes wrong don't get another Technika. They are the most unreliable "brand". Yahoo Answers has more postings about Technika sets failing than any other brand. You should also avoid Busg, Alba, Goodmans, Baird, Celcus, Tevion and any other supermarket "own brand", and any brand that has an unusual or strange name. These are not made by a factory bearing the company name. They are just "badge engineered" low quality components assembled in the far east and then have a name stuck on them.

    Stick to Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, LG, and similar proper brands.

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    If you don't already have an aerial then yes you have to buy one....Then tune in the channels it's a function on the TV menu and leave it to tune in the channels then your ready to go.....But the aerial is needed First.

    Source(s): I have that make and tv aswell :)
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    Johnny , your two previous replies are correct, just connect to the aerial and go onto menu on your Remote and autotune, it should ask you these questions when you first turn on.

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