Best Christian Rock Bands plz?

similar to:


Alter Bridge

Brian Head Welch

(no screamo plz)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    First of all Alter Bridge is not a Christian band. Their third album is dedicated on Miles losing his faith and believing in nothing. Anywayzz here are some good bands.

    Ashes Remain


    Nine Lashes

    We As Human

    Times of Grace

    Uprise (Evrything is Broken EP)


    Since October




    Our Waking Hour

    One Minute Halo

    In My Coma


    Hymns of Eden

    Fades Away

    Worth Dying For

    Eye Empire

    The Empire Shall Fall

    Echoes The Fall

    Decyfer Down

    Burning Yesterday

    Broken Iris

    12 Stones


    or just go to this site

    Source(s): Hope i helped
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  • 8 years ago

    based on your artists, perhaps:


    The Letter Black

    Pedro The Lion

    Thousand Foot Krutch

    Since October

    Decyfer Down

    House Of Heroes




    12 Stones


    Project 86

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  • 8 years ago



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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jars Of Clay, White Heart and FHH.

    As well as anything from Wow Worship, Vibe Hits or Wow Hits CDs you can find at stores.

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  • sutkus
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    3 years ago


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  • 4 years ago

    Inhale Exhale Their lead guitarist used to play for the band Relient K.

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  • Crossfade great band

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  • 8 years ago

    The devil wears prada, bless the fall, underoath

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would recommend TAAKE and maybe SHINING.

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  • Jose
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Good Question fellow bro, did you know

    0-912 Stones (hard rock/Christian rock) (2000–Present)

    2nd Chapter of Acts – (CCM) (1972–1988)

    38th Parallel – (alternative rock/rock/rap rock) (2001–2002)

    4-4-1 – (rock/post-punk/alternative rock/pop) (1983–1988)

    The 77s – (rock) (1980–Present)

    [edit] AAbove the Golden State – (rock/CCM) (2007–Present)

    Ace Troubleshooter – (pop punk) (1996–2005)

    A.D. (rock) (1984–1988)

    Addison Road – (rock/CCM/alternative rock/adult contemporary) (2002–Present)

    After Edmund – (alternative rock/art rock/rock) (2001–Present)

    After the Chase – (singer-songwriter/CCM/rock) (2003–Present)

    After the Fire – (CCM/rock) (1974–1986|2004–Present)

    The Afters – (pop/rock/alternative rock/CCM) (1999–Present)

    Adam Again – (alternative rock/funk rock) (1982–2000)

    Alisa – (hard rock) (1983–Present)

    All Star United – (rock/CCM) (1997–Present)

    All Together Separate – (CCM/funk rock) (1998–2003)

    Allies – (hard rock/rock/CCM) (1985–1992)

    Anberlin – (alternative rock) (2002–Present)

    Anchordown – (acoustic rock) (2006–2008)

    Argyle Park – (industrial rock/rock/industrial metal) (1994–1996|1998–2000)

    Atomic Opera – (hard rock/heavy metal/progressive metal) (1991–Present)

    As Cities Burn – (indie rock/post-hardcore/progressive rock) (2002–2009)

    Audio Adrenaline – (rock/alternative rock) (1989–2007)

    [edit] BA Band Called David – (CCM) (1974–1988)

    BarlowGirl – (Christian rock/CCM/alternative rock/rock/AC) (2000–Present)

    Barnabas – (hard rock/punk rock/heavy metal/tech metal) (1977–1986)

    Barratt Band – (rock) (1980–1986)

    Basehead – (alternative rock/alternative hip hop) (1992–Present)

    Beanbag – (rock) (1995–2002)

    The Becoming – (rock/gothic rock)

    Between the Trees – (emo/pop punk/indie rock)

    Between Thieves – (power pop/punk rock/southern rock/pop punk)

    Big Daddy Weave – (rock/CCM)

    Big Dismal – (rock)

    Big Fil – (rock/punk rock)

    Big Tent Revival – (blues-rock)

    Black Carnation – (alternative rock)

    The Blamed – (hardcore punk/punk rock/metal)

    Bleach – (rock)

    Blessthefall – (Metalcore/Post-hardcore)

    Blind – (rock)

    Blindside – (post-hardcore/rock)

    Brave Saint Saturn – (astro-rock/rock)

    Lincoln Brewster – (rock/Contemporary worship music)

    Bride – (hard rock/heavy metal/thrash metal)

    The Brothers Martin – (indie rock/electronica)

    Building 429 – (rock)

    Burlap to Cashmere – (CCM/flamenco)

    By the Tree – (CCM)

    [edit] CCaedmon's Call – (Folk rock/CCM)

    Calibretto 13 – (Punk rock)

    Jeremy Camp – (Rock)

    Capital Lights – (rock)

    Casting Crowns – (rock/CCM) (1999–Present)

    Charizma – (rock/pop/hard rock/CCM)

    Children 18:3 – (punk rock/punk)

    The Choir – (alternative rock)

    Circle of Dust – (electronic rock/electronica/industrial rock/industrial metal/rock)

    The Classic Crime – (Indie rock/Emo/Alternative CCM)

    Code of Ethics – (new wave/pop/europop/industrial rock)

    Common Children – (alternative rock)

    Consider the Thief – (indie rock/post-hardcore/experimental rock)

    Cool Hand Luke – (indie rock/alternative rock/Rock/emo)

    Crash Rickshaw – (indie rock/alternative rock/rock)

    Critical Mass – (modern rock/rock) – (Post-grunge/rock)

    Crooked X – (hard rock/Alternative rock)

    Crumbächer – (new wave/rock/synthpop)

    [edit] DDakoda Motor Co. – (surf rock/alternative rock)

    Daniel Amos – (alternative rock)

    David and the Giants – (rock)

    DC Talk – (rock/r&b/hip hop)

    Day of Fire (post-grunge)

    DeGarmo and Key – (pop/rock)

    Dead Artist Syndrome – (gothic rock)

    Dead Poetic – (hard rock/alternative rock)

    Decyfer Down – (Nu metal/hard rock/post-grunge)

    Delirious? – (alternative rock/rock)

    Demon Hunter – (Alternative metal/Metalcore/Groove metal)

    Desperation Band – (CCM)

    The Devil Wears Prada (Metalcore)

    DigHayZoose – (funk/rock)

    Disciple – (hard rock/alternative metal/heavy metal/southern metal)

    Disperse – (rock/garage rock)

    Dizmas – (rock/alternative rock/post-hardcore)

    Dust Eater Dogs – (stoner rock/funk)

    Dweeb – (alternative rock)

    [edit] EEchoing Angels – (rock)

    Eden's Bridge – (celtic/folk rock/pop/progressive rock)

    Eleventyseven – (power pop/electronica)

    Embodyment – (hard rock/alternative metal/death metal)

    Emery – (hard rock/post-hardcore/emocore)

    Éowyn – (alternative rock

    Ever Stays Red – (indie pop/rock)

    Everfound – (rock/alternative)

    Everlife – (pop rock)

    Everman – (rock)

    Everyday Sunday – (rock/alternative rock/pop punk)

    [edit] FFM Static – (rock/alternative rock)

    Fair – (rock/alternative rock)

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