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How are nfl and sports schedules made to the exact information? Is there a software used?

How are conflicts avoided. Following all the rules for the nfl schedule would take a long time if done by hand

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    ah. very hard for you guys to make schedules.

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    The NFL uses a relatively simple plan to hash out team schedules.

    You play teams in your division twice (once at home, once away)

    You play teams in one intraconference division (this rotates on a 3-year schedule)

    You play teams in one interconference division (this rotates on a 4-year schedule

    You play two games against intraconference teams that finished in the same place in their division (so if you were last in your division, you would play two other last place teams).

    So, you can always tell who you're going to be playing next year based on the last game of the season this year. Home/road splits are usually decided based on where you played the last game... so if the last time your team played the Patriots was at home, the next time it would be Away.

    As for NBA and MLB schedules... I am not so sure.

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