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Ladies, question for you...?

i'm a recent college grad and have become an unfortunate statistic of the universal economy, but i have a degree in environmental engineering. I'm insecure in the fact that i dont have a job so i dont feel right asking a girl out if i dont have money. But there's this girl i really like and i'm afraid if i dont act fast that she'll be taken before i know it. All my friends say that it doesnt matter that i dont have a job, and i have a degree so it still means a lot to a girl. So should i ask her out or should i never ask a girl out unless i have a job?

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    Environmental Engineering grad student. Impressive.

    No Job? Bad economy. But I'd hope your looking.

    Your education is very nice, and you have potential to provide and make a good salary. Money shouldn't be the reason you can't talk to a girl. As long as your not lazy and comfortable working a mcdonalds job whilist never looking for a real one - you will be fine.

    Ask her out. You just got out of school - if she finds that as an excuse not to talk to you - at least you tried and learned she was stuck up and unworth the time it took to ask her out.

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    doesnt matter if you have no job, if she likes you it wont matter 2 her either. Spending time together doing things like a walk in the park, or watching tv at home doesnt cost anythng. If some1 askd me out tht was unemplyd it wouldnt matter if i was attractd 2 him. Good luck.

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    Honestly if she likes you, she won't care that you don't currently have a job. If she is as valuable as you've painted her to be, she will be snatched up. Act fast. You wouldn't want to live with regrets, would you?

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