long term SSD information?

Hello, I am medically disabled - ( legally blind ). I have around 30 work credits - i am 27 - I got this condition due to poisoning from when I was working. I am on SSD - One day will it stop? Even if my eyes dont get any better? thank you

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  • Judith
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    9 years ago
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    SSD will only end if you become gainfully employed and earn $1690 a month for at least nine months. Any month in which you work and earn $720 a month is a month in the nine month trial work period (TWP). Once you have completed the TWP, Social Security will conduct a work investigation. If you are working and earning $1690 a month and have done so for a year you will only be entitled to a check for any month in which you do NOT work and earn $1690. If you are working and not earning $1690 a month then you will be entitled to all your checks. You are entitled to either your full check or none of it. SSD does not reduce checks unless you receive worker's comp.

    So if your benefits don't end because of work activity they will end upon your death.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
  • I am surprised you got SSDI with legal blindness, so there must be something else going on relative to the poisoning. Or perhaps you are using the term legal blindness incorrectly and you are blind. If you are blind - your SSDI will not stop unless you begin working full-time at a gainful activity.

    Since you are 27, and evidently can type well. I strongly suggest you look into vocational rehabilitation so you can get back to work and not use SSDI. You are too young to be dependent on SSDI for your whole life if there is a chance for something better.

  • tagboy
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    I have congestive heart failure and bad lungs doctors put me out to pasture 10 years ago The way these politicians screw things up anything is possible

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