how to open yahoo mail without going through the new mail system.?

i can't open the new e-mail system by yahoo or my computer will freeze up leading me to having to reboot yahoo. i need a url to get me to the older system, classic, while being able to bypass the newer yet unusable e-mail system provided.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hello there,

    You do not have to use the new email system, you can use the Classic version of Yahoo! mail.

    #1 below is the easiest to switch with and should be permanent for you, but if now am isting many options as each person is unique, and has a different computer running various versions of Windows, different monitors, different preference of browser, variable connections to the internet and capability.

    #1) Click this link to take you to the New Yahoo! Help pages:

    When there, Click the BLUE link, half way down the page under this heading:

    What if I don’t want to upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail?

    This is what it LOOKS like: (Link takes you to a website I MADE to share with you so that you could see what the screen looks like). For some this is a permanent change, for others it is not. On my web site you’ll see numerous screen shots (pictures) with my comments of the various screens over the last few months. Take note as you may see them one day.

    #2) If the above does not work, then try these THREE links that worked today, January 14, 2012, that’ll RETURN & launch your email to Classic Mail, but you may need to continue clicking on the links each time you log in. Bookmark them, save to your favourites or email them to yourself.

    These 3 links, and any others like it are only TEMPORARY fixes.

    Above links can be altered to YOUR country code, ca for Canada, au for Australia, uk for United Kingdom, etc.

    If for some reason, these links do not work, please send me an email via the Yahoo! Answers secure email system, and I will send you a different link. (We don’t see each other’s email addresses.)

    #3 Numerous solutions for various browsers and different versions of Windows people use, this is the best solution. Link to: is

    The link is to an answer given by another person, Anonymous, who posted a very good answer that addresses multiple browsers and Windows here on Yahoo! Answers to help you switch back.

    From what other Yahoo! users have said & from what I’ve read on some other Answers posts, disabling the scripting and lowering the resolution does NOT permanently work on a number of computer, primarily those running WINDOWS 7. You will need to either disable scripting or lower resolution EACH time you log in. For others it DOES continue to work, running Windows XP, VISTA, and 98.

    #4 Choice of keep working with the new mail. There are a number of things you can try to make it work better. Update your Adobe Flash Player, and Java script. Check for updates for your version of Windows. Check for updates for your browser (s) Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Google Chrome, Modzilla Firefox etc. Clear out your cache, cookies, temporary files & browsing history. The easiest method to clean out those files is simultaneously press the Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys while your browser window is still OPEN. This also deletes your passwords and banking information. View this page for information:'s-Cache

    #5 I used to suggest purchasing a Yahoo! Plus account, because there USED TO BE an option to go back to Classic, but that option is NOT there anymore. I found that out as I was trying to answer a question for another Yahoo! user. After numerous attempts of trying to reach chat, I was finally able to get through. (More info on web site: .)

    Asked during/while they switched it back for my reasons, and that I should provide a list right then & there. Have your list ready to copy and paste into the chat window. You’ll also need to give them answers to your security questions, DOB, alternate email address, cell phone, etc. to confirm you are who you are. I changed the answers to all my security questions since.

    Direct link to chat page, you will have to wait for it to load before the chat window shows up:

    #6 Consider trying an alternate browser, and let Yahoo! know that you would like the original Yahoo! Classic instead of the new. Email them daily. Link is below.

    All the best to you, and I hope that this helped you.


  • 9 years ago

    Do this to "STAY with" (or get BACK to) Classic (which is the ONLY older version you can stay with or get back to).

    This link (below) has been reported to be a permanent fix---and even stops future "prompts to upgrade"

    It's different than some of the other links, (that have been given), which are only temporary

    Click this link:

    When the page opens---scroll down about midway until you see this---"What if I don’t want to upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail"?----IF you do not want to upgrade, please "click here" to use Yahoo! Mail Classic.

    ("click here" is a blue link). Return to Classic is immediate and permanent.

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