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Question about an episode of 'bones' that was on TV last night?

This is probably going to sound stupid, but I really don't know the answer to this. In the episode, the murderer etched a computer worm onto the tip of a rib bone using a fractal pattern, when the bone was scanned into the computer, it gave it a worm that changed the temperature at which the computers fans would turn on to 750 degrees instead of 75. Is this even possible?? I would like to think there is some truth to it if they are going to put it on one of these fancy crime drama shows, but is this made up? Or can you actually do this??

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  • 8 years ago
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    Although all what nonnie says is true, that there isnt an image scanner in the world that would automatically transcribe that fractal to lines of coding because thats a huge security flaw and ergo stupid, he doesnt know, most likely from a lack of watching "Bones" that angelas super computer is set to make sense of any image that is scanned. That along with the fact that fractals occur in nature and have been accounted for in math, assigned numeric values as such and can therefore easily hold a binary sequence. Without going into the intricacies of complexity that this sequence has to achieve to code for an override in the cooling system, this fractal code could have caused this, and the killer knew that angelas computer could and would do this and is the only reason why it was possible. Although I dont think that there is any fractal pattern that can be made to accomplish such a task, it is plausible. Which is alll your really asking for isnt it. Fractal coding already exists, just look at alll those cool ads with those black and white squares asking you to take a pic of it with yout phone so it can link you to a web site with the use of an app. Im thinking the only thing thay nonie disagrees with is to the reasoning why a computer would do so automatically. The answer of which is stated above

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No. This isn't possible. TL;DR is the last sentence if you don't want to get technical.

    When the computer scans the bones in, it interprets the data as an image file (I'm assuming they scanned the bones using a 2D scanner, but even if they had fancy 3D models, the principle is the same).

    Image files can contain malicious code like worms and viruses that runs on your computer, but only if that code is added to the image later (so you won't be able to "see" the code anywhere in the image because it's not in the actual picture, it's just in the file that also holds the picture.. you can do this to any image ever). In this case, they just scanned the bones, so there was no malicious code added in to the file (only the actual pixel/image data of the bones).

    Computers don't just execute code for no reason. Imagine scanning a page containing the code that makes up a virus. Scanning that code won't suddenly put a virus on your computer - no, all you get is an image of the code. For that image to actually do anything, your computer would have to first get the code out of the image, parse it as text, save it, compile it as a program ("build it" into a virus - otherwise it's just text) and THEN run it. Image programs don't do any of that.

    To make matters worse, the "code" in the video is in fractal form. There are lots of ways to interpret a fractal pattern. So the scanner they had would have had to first actually detect the fractal pattern, then decode it into text, then compile that text into a program, then run it. No image-scanning program in the world does that, because it would be a stupid thing for an image program to do.

    Long story short, no. It's like saying looking at a picture of a bacteria or biological virus will make you sick.

    Source(s): Computer Science degree
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  • redman
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    absolutely it grew to change into Bones' father's trial. The defendants (Bones) discovered a thanks to create doubt interior the trial. sales section says that Bones ought to have had time to kill the guy too and in no way in basic terms Bones' father. So interior the coolest its a satisfied ending.

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