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Help on booking a holiday for college students?

Looking on going to a cheap, fun place for our Leaving Cert holiday, we are all above 18 and want somewhere in Spain preferably. Anyone know cheap flight sites/hotels?Thanks :)

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    How about Malaga?

    If you book now for the summer you'll get a cheaper plane ticket. Depending which airport you're travelling from determines the airlines you can choose from.

    BMI Baby tend to have reasonable flights, as well as Easyjet.

    Some hotels:

    The south of Tenerife has lots going on, loads of clubs, water parks, beaches,excursions, etc.

    You'll more than likely get cheaper accomodation in Tenerife, too.

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    Spain is a great spot for cheap beach destinations with dozens of good value resorts all along the 'costas'.

    Greek islands such as Serifos, Andros, and Milos are also good spots to find bargains.

    Turkey is another good value spot - check places like Dalaman. And don't forget Bulgaria which has some cheap beach resorts on the Black Sea.

    For flights - search which will show you a list of the cheapest flights to Spain - or anywhere else. There is also hotels and car hire comparison

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    The fact that you are college students is quite irrelevant. Book a flight with a cheap airline and then book a hotel through lastmiinute or similar. Done.

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    I went to Salou, Spain last August for 1 week return flights and central accommodation for €312 complete bargain, I booked with, if your based in the U.K. go to their site.

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