PoF Online Dating: Rate my Profile!?


My friend Ashley helped me make an Online Profile last week and I wanted to know what you people think of it!

Idk why, but its like I'm not getting the results I wanted from it. If I just let my profile sit there, I'll get at most one or two obese women to message me on it.

If I'm active, and I message 20 women on my own(with a unique message for each on, of course), only about 3 will actually respond.

I know there's a lot of gold-diggers on the site(especially the really hot girls that say they want a SUGAR-DADDY or MATURE man) but I feel like my profile outshines most that I've seen! That's just me though, tell me what you think. Don't hate on me saying I'm ugly or sexy or WHATEVER. Just CRITIQUE my profile!

If I need to delete a photo or two, let me know.

10 points best answer!


Also I know I'm only 20 and it's slim-pickings for guys my age, but still help me!

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  • Dopler
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    9 years ago
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    Your success rate with messages is actually better than average.

    Dating sites, especially the free ones like POF, are sort of like a zombie movie: A small band of survivors (aka. attractive ladies) has to slash and burn through a sea of undead beasts (aka. men like you and me).

    Attractive girls, and even the ones who don't have so much going for them physically, get bombarded with messages every day. So it's hard for your messages to stand out. And girls generally don't ever send messages unless they are the unfortunate ones who aren't physically appealing enough to get many messages from guys. The reason for not sending messages is just that they don't need to...why bother sending messages when their inbox is constantly full of new received messages?

    As for your profile...I'm not your intended audience, but I will say this:

    Not every sentence needs an exclamation mark. Just like in an essay or story, you shouldn't over-use punctuation like that. It takes away from the effect, and makes you sound like an over-excited moron. Nobody ever exclaims everything they say in real life, so why are you doing it in writing? It reads as though you are shouting with glee for no reason, when you should be trying to come off as cool and collected.

    Source(s): 21, male, experience with POF
  • Mollie
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    5 years ago

    The only negative thing I saw was the lack of info and the picture with the beautiful female in it.... write more about yourself and take that pic down it'll make a girl feel insecure or worse make her think that's your gf sorry... but seriously take the pic of the girl down....

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