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Symptoms of feline leukemia?

A neighbor of mine took in a cat off the street back in April. He was pretty skinny, but was the most loving cat I have ever met. He gained weight, had a normal appetite, everything seemed great. Well she claoims she developed an allergy to him but I believe her boyfriend wanted her to get rid of him, so I ended up with the cat. Before I could take him in, he suddenly seemed less and less active and affectionate. She didn't really think anything of it. Then he developed a cold, sneezing and eye discharge. She gave him antibiotics and the cold went away, but he still has some sniffles. Then he lost weight, a ton of weight. He is a bag of bones, but he still eats. He barely drinks. I went over there after not seeing him for a few weeks and you can see his bones, he has NO muscle mass. I told her off for not taking him to a doctor, and I took him home. He has a vet appt. in a few days, but I can't stop obsessing over this. He is a young cat, 1-2 years old I think. He cannot even jump. If he wants up on the bed, he sticks his claws in the bed and drags himself up. He has no strength. He is conmstantly digging, scratching, and biting himself. When I pick him up, he acts like I'm hurting him. Is there anything else this could be? He doesn't have any signs of an URI, no discharge, nothing. Just so very weak. Any advice will help....I am just sick about this


To the judgemental lunatic, 3rd answer down...I haven't "waited so long". The reason I am taking him to the vet in a few days is becauseI WASN'T financially prepared to take him in as suddenly as it happened. I am a broke college student. And trust me, vets WILL NOT allow payment plans. SO I figured instead of letting my neighbor throw him out on the street in his condition, I would take him in and unfortunately have to wait 3 days before the vet had an opening. I've had him for less than 4 days, NO I have not let this go on long.

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    Leukemia in humans is the constant duplication of white blood cells. Eventually this leads to a shortage of red blood cells within the body which can lead to anemia ( shortage of red blood cells). This then leads to shortage of breath due to lack of oxygen. In cats having a shortage of energy may be a sign of leukemia. There are two types, acute and chronic. In acute cases the victim will die usually within 4 days of contracting the illness. If not signs can slowly increase for years before anything will be noticed by the naked eye to others. I would take him into the local vet immediately.

    In response to that vet student. You my friend are wrong. Leukemia is the rapid growth and increase in size of white blood cells. It is true that they are immature and barely function but it is defienetly far from defieciency in white blood cells. You might want to enlist in a new school for Veterinary School.

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    Feline Leukemia is a disease that attacks the white blood cells and leaves cats unable to fight off infections. So there's not any specific "symptoms" of Feline Leukemia. The cat can get a really bad URI and never get better. It can have bleeding inside the eye. The kidneys can fail, etc, etc, etc.

    If you're concerned that he could be FeLV then just spend the minimal charge it is to get him tested.

    But why are you waiting a "few days" to get him to a vet? He's lost "a ton of weight" has "NO muscle mass" and "drags himself up". What makes you think for a second these are things that you should "wait" to see a vet for????? And how can you say you're "obsessing" over his health when you've clearly waited quite a long time and have done NOTHING to help him??? Seriously - WTF??!!!

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    The symptoms for feline leukimia can vary a lot since it is an immune disease leaving the cat vulnerable to secondary infections. The sneezing/sniffles sound more like a URI and the muscle mass/weight loss seems more like cancer.. In response to the previous answer, leukemia is not the duplication of white blood cells, it is a deficiency of healthy white blood cells which is what causes the immune system to become so weak. Leuk- meaning white blood cell and emia- meaning deficiency.

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    It really depends. FeLV(feline leukemia virus) is mainly a risk to cats that fight. Its transmitted through wounds. It sounds like he hasn't received his PRCC vaccine (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, chlamydia and Calicivirus) a vet visit is essential.this is really the only way to figure out everything.

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