What are some things I can make in my shop class?

Our teacher is oblivious and since I usually get done with my projects early, I have a lot of time on my hands. What things should I make out of wood? These can be gifts, useful objects, artistic things, whatever, I just need some ideas. I've already made an incense burner, a heart, a triforce, a **** stick ( a stick of wood I woodburned "****" into- yeah, I know, mature). Any thoughts? No clocks or anything like that, please. I'm in highschool so they should be simple but nice :) Thanks.

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  • Steven
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    8 years ago
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    School mascots, Holders like plate and stemware holders, Serving trays, Trivets, a wine rack.

    Make a plaque for thanking someone or make one and put a collage of pictures or prints and then put a bar type finish on it.

    A trinket box to hold memorabilia or jewelry or what ever. (can be customized easily)

    A plaque holding an old baseball glove or bat or baby shoes or the like that have an important memory behind them.

    I collect Gime Hats also called baseball caps. My dad mad me these custom wood racks to hold them. Way cool.

    Toilet paper hider for extra tissue in the bathroom and paper towel holders. I have never found a good paper towel holder that was not wood and well though out.

    Custom coasters with say a monogram on them.

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    Source(s): How to Work Wood http://givitry.info/WoodworkingProjects
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    If your shop class has a table saw, a router and a planer you can make anything. A coffee table, aquarium stand, dog house or a cat scratcher.

    I have just built two dog houses large enough for Bull Mastiffs and they were actually bought. I built them at 4x4x4 and added a 12" roof pitched equally with air vents. I built them out of broken pallets. That's what is meant about going green. Make something out of a crappy thing that is destined for the landfill and add value to it and make it usable for someone else.

    Here is where I get some of my Super Creative Designs at.


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  • 8 years ago

    A BOX. They can be simple or hard but always useful. There are plans available for boxes with no apparent means of opening. They require a series of wooden rods (square usually) that must be pushed just so far and not to far for another rod to pass which frees a third rod to allow the cover to open. The ends of the rods are disguised by appearing as one of a checker board of similar end pieces. Finishing the box well makes it very special.

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  • 8 years ago

    Bookcase, coffee table, theses afe two things I built in highschool shop.

  • Jean
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    4 years ago

    Use two different woods, one very dark and one very light. Make a checkerboard. It is beautiful and functional for checkers or chess.

  • Zardoz
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    8 years ago

    A Do nothing machine. I made these by the dozen when I was in school and sold them.


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