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What is the difference between a flip and a lutz?

Because I was watching a video and I think they look really similar. Sorry if there is a really obvious answer, I'm new to this sport. (:

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    They are similar - the flip and the lutz both take off backwards from the left leg (anticlockwise), with the right toepick in the ice. However, the one obvious difference is that the flip takes off from a left INSIDE edge, whereas a lutz takes off from an OUTSIDE edge.

    Another way one can distinguish the two is by observing the takeoff - a flip typically takes off from either a left inside 3-turn or a right mohawk, the skater then stretches the right leg behind, picks and jumps. A lutz, on the other hand, is usually done from a long, stretched out back left outside edge before the skater picks (it can also be done from steps such as mohawks and crossovers).

    Also, the lutz jump is counterrotated. This means that it rotates in the opposite direction to the circle - in a lutz, you are travelling on a clockwise circle, but you jump anticlockwise. This also results in a different tracing - the lutz looks more like an s-shape, whereas the flip has a less distinct tracing.

    The main difference, though, is:

    Flip = inside edge

    Lutz = outside edge

    Youtube thumbnail

    ^^This video might help you understand it a bit better.

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    Flips take off of an inside edge, and lutzes take off of an outside edge. Often skaters "flutz", or roll over onto their inside edge when trying to do a lutz, so they're technically doing a flip but going for a lutz. The edge is really the only difference in technical aspects. There is a difference in the entrance, but it depends on the skater. Usually a flip is entered from a three turn or mohawk just before the toe taps. A lutz has a long back edge typically before the toe taps. That's the main way to identify which jump a skater is doing.

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    A flip is on the inside edge but the lutz is on the outside edge. I used to think they were the same thing but they aren't. They are similar but at the same time different. Sometimes the edge will be incorrect and will be called a flutz. When you are in IJS (international judging system) they will put a bad GOE (grade of execution) on it. Up to a minus three if they do not like the jump. It's not a very obvious answer, people make mistakes on the edges more often then you think.

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    it is all in the edge you take off from

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