Retake ACT and prepare for AP exams?

Should I retake the ACT? This would me my third time if I do. The first time I scored a 25; the second time I scored a 26: which is odd since I scored a 4 on my AP Biology exam last year as a junior. I feel kind of disappointed because some of my classmates have ACT scores of 30-32 and they actually consider me to be "smarter" than them. 

This year I'm taking three AP classes -Literature, Chemistry, and Calculus AB- besides taking honors Physics and French 4, and Calculus 2 at the college. I'm kind of concerned about preparing for the AP exams more than anything else right now, though.

So, my question is, " should I retake the ACT on April (what use would it be?) and study for the AP exams? Or should I forget about the ACT and focus on the AP's?"

Thank you in advance!

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  • 8 years ago
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    AP scores and ACT scores have no correlation; the two tests are made by different companies and even the science section of the ACT is not based upon factual knowledge as is the case with the AP, so being in higher science classes does not necessarily give you any sort of advantage. If you're a junior (guessing you are since the next ACT is not valid for college admissions for this fall), then you should be far more focused on your ACT/SAT scores. AP scores factor in either minimally or not at all in the application and admission process; they aren't sent until May of your senior year when you already commit to a university and submit any scores to receive potential credit for your future class schedule. Your classes right now indicate that you should be able to apply to the most selective colleges in the nation, but your ACT score doesn't even qualify you to apply to most private schools. You need to buckle down, focus, and study, and I don't mean study in the same way that you have the past two times. You obviously can't expect any changes if you study the exact same way every time; you have to identify your weak areas, then figure out how to address those more specifically and if an alternate study method would be more appropriate. The April ACT gives you at least three weeks time after it to prepare for the AP tests, so timing so should not be a problem if you know how to buckle down and get work down while making some sacrifices in other areas so that you can get all your work done.

  • 5 years ago

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