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Can i get into west point?

I am a sophomore in high school and was wondering if I can get into west point academy. My GPA is 3.5 I am a boyscout, a member of the student council, Italian club and national honors society. I participate in track and created a bootcamp for kids who want to join the military and for others that want to get in shape for sports. I have no honors classes but are planning to join at least 2 by junior year and am joining cross country next year, Maby even wrestling. I would like feedback and anyone thinks I should do anything else to better my chances, I am open to ideas. Thank you

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    You need to have a 4.0 GPA, be an eagle scout, have a near perfect score in the SAT tests, strong teacher recommendations, and a recommendation from your US Congressman.

    Had friends in high school, one of whom went to Air Force Academy, and the other to West Point.

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    Yes, you need to receive a nomination from your local congressman, either of your two senators, or the vice president in order to get to West Point. The same is true for the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy. It is not true for the Coast Guard Academy. It may not seem realistic, but you don't actually have to know them in order to get a nomination. They take applications. Knowing them may help but they still try to nominate the best applicants because it looks good to have one of their nominees graduate and it doesn't look so good to have one drop out. Also any one of them can have up to 5 nominees in each academy at any given time and can pick up to ten people for each empty spot they have to compete for admission.

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    Everything looks good but you should Work on you GPA the Avg. west point cadet graduates in the top 20% of their class.

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    Every West pointer has about the same resume. Now beat the 100 others for the same Congressional Appointment.

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    Work on gpa and take ap classes, u should have taken all honors classes

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    3.5 GPA is not good enough!

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    get your **** together mark!!! i want you to triple that GPA right now!!!!

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