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Would you agree with me on Lindsay Lohan's career.?

I think Lindsay Lohan despite what the media says is a terrific singer and actress a talented red head , the media has a tendency to be rude look at poor Beyonce with her pregnancy and what not. I think she will comeback successfully I think that what happened was that she got involved with the wrong crowd that darn Paris Hilton who also messed with Britney Spears, Paris was the one that was a bad influence and telling everyone no to wear panties The new rumors are that Lindsay will play Elizabeth Taylor in a new biopic and I think the reaction is really sad and rude I feel sad for her ,she is a talented singer and actress and whether she wants to sig or act or dance or continue doing whatever she wants I totally support her as a fan. I think she needs to stop emulating Marilyn Monroes life and be herself ,she needs a mother figure in her life cause her mother and father are crazy.


Actually the Parent Trap is one of my favorite movies she was so adorable in it, if you watch the lassie movie with Liz Taylor and compare young Liz Taylor to Lindsay they look alike.

Update 2:

Hey haters everyone makes mistakes just cause Lindsay did cocaine does not make her a racist.homophobe,nazi, pedophile she is a nice girl so what she made a mistake she is only human big deal so what even if you are not famous you make mistakes , you and I poor or rich or white or black make mistakes and so do celebrities and Lindsay Lohan.

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  • Mary
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    I think Lindsay Lohan is a very talented actress and singer. However, due to her drug and alcohol abuse, and her legal troubles Lindsay Lohan appearance and reputation have been permanently damaged and no movie directors want to hire her for their movie so the chances of her making a big comeback are slim to none. Lindsay Lohan has lost a lot of people respect due to her bad behavior and no matter what she say or do people will always see her as a bad person because of her past. In fact, Lindsay Lohan appearance and reputation have been damaged so badly that the only people who are really willing to hire her are directors for adult films and Playboy. As much as I love Lindsay Lohan and want to see her get her life and career back together the chances are really stacked against her. Yes I understand that everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. I get that, trust me I do but Lindsay Lohan continue to make mistakes and just seem to have no regard and/or respect for life. As far as Paris Hilton being a bad influence on her I agree with you 100% but at the same time that doesn't excuse Lindsay troubles. Lindsay Lohan should have realized that Paris Hilton was a bad influence before things got out of hand and remove Paris from her life. While I agree with you that Paris Hilton was a bad influence on Lindsay Lohan you can't fully blame Paris Hilton for Lindsay Lohan bad behavior. Lindsay Lohan was already dealing with her own personal issues before Paris Hilton got in the picture. Paris Hilton probably just made things worse but she certainly not to blame for all of Lindsay Lohan problems, just like Paris Hilton is not to blame for Britney Spears bad behavior. Britney Spears (just like Lindsay) was already dealing with her own personal issues before Paris Hilton got in the picture, now Paris Hilton might have made things a little worse for Britney but she surely isn't to blame for Britney Spears bad behavior. In my opinion Paris Hilton didn't mess with anyone. Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are adults who should have acted mature and stayed out of trouble and dealt with their personal issues in a mature way like going to seek therapy. You can not blame another person for someone's mistakes. They have to own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. I think Lindsay Lohan parents are the main reason behind Lindsay Lohan bad behavior. Had Lindsay had the right amount of love, support, and discipline as a child perhaps she may have had a better adult life. Lindsay Lohan parents (especially her mother, Dina) was more focus on making money off of Lindsay Lohan instead of being the loving, caring, and nurturing parents they should have been. It is extremely hard on a child when they don't have the love, support, and discipline of their parents and it's even worse when the child is in the Hollywood life because that is a cruel and mean lifestyle (with all the paparazzi, the media, the drama, etc.) and no child should have to go through that especially without loving and supporting parents by your side, so Lindsay Lohan parents are most likely the reason for her troubles but that is irrelevant at this point because Lindsay Lohan is an adult now and she should have handle her issues in a mature way instead of acting out and getting involved in bad scandals and legal trouble and unfortunately due to her years of drug, alcohol, and legal trouble Lindsay Lohan appearance and reputation have been permanently damaged and no matter what she say and/or do her appearance and reputation will forever be damaged and sadly due to her bad appearance and reputation no movie directors want to hire her for their movie, so doing Playboy, adult films, and little modeling jobs here and there is really the only way for her to bring in money. Hope I helped. Have a nice day! Bye! :-)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's been a long time since she did any good work, she seems to care more about getting high. I hope she can do a good job as Liz. Remember Liz was no saint, she also had her problems from being a former child star. But Lindsay isn't on a good path atm. She wanted to play Stevie Nicks once, and Stevie got up in arms about it.

    No matter how bad Liz got, she was always professional and never let it get in the way of her work. Can't really say the same about Lindsay.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    She replaced into widespread and deserved her attractiveness yet now she doesnt even do something and has all that attractiveness for no longer something in any respect! comparable together with her pal britney, and lot. Shes in simple terms between the few, all particularly some the celebrities interior the magazines do is get below the impression of alcohol and go celebration and function an entire article approximately them each and every concern. Its like a random occupation now, in wich you alter into properly time-commemorated after confusing paintings then in simple terms supply up and make your money via posing in magazines and getting attractiveness whilst they DONT deserve it x even though she does although she consistently makes some come-returned, as a blonde, brunette, penitentiary, sometime penitentiary term! Its never going to alter particularly.

  • 9 years ago

    To some extent, I agree with your view. Looking back at her previous movies, she has proven herself to be a multi-talented actress, however her personal life and lack of work ethic is hard to ignore. I think if she dedicated herself to a set project and and stopped acting like a teenager then she could indeed make a comeback.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Lindsay Lohan is not only an untalented, annoying little twit, she (and her entire family, for that matter) is a total waste of oxygen. If she was so "super", why does the media keep calling her a "star" of a movie that's almost 8 years old?

  • 9 years ago

    To be honest, I kind of agree with you. However, we are all entitled to our own opinion, therefore meaning that people should respect what you think.

  • 9 years ago

    Lohan is a nasty drug using slut that looks like she crawled out of a run down cheap motel room after being gang banged for cocaine. Cannot act, sing, or look good. Your dumb. Get your head out her untalented ***. Moving on...................

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  • Lindsay Lohan is a clueless wonder lol ...

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