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Are boeing 747's still in commission?

obviously the plane is nearly 40 years old, just curious if the plane is still used or whether boeing de-commissioned the fleet.

Or even perhaps if some obscure company still uses them for commercial or cargo use?

Just curious, to the best of my knowledge I have not seen a flying 747 in the sky for nearly 10 years.


Just to clarify, still in commision like DC9's were used long after they stopped being produced.

Update 2:

Just to clarify, still in commision like DC9's were used long after they stopped being produced.

Update 3:

Just to clarify, still in commision like DC9's were used long after they stopped being produced.

Update 4:

Just to clarify, still in commision like DC9's were used long after they stopped being produced.

Update 5:

Thanks for the INFORMED answer bill, some people... naming no names, are obviously ignorant that the 747 has seen various incarnations.

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    The 747 is still very much in production, so yes, it is still "in commission."

    Some early models of the 747 have been retired or scrapped. An aircraft that is properly maintained can fly for far longer than 40 years, so age alone isn't a factor. However, the older models are more expensive to maintain and use more fuel because of the engines they have, so at some point it is no longer cost-effective to continue flying an old 747, assuming that it is being flown for profit.

    The newer models, of course, are just rolling off the assembly line, so they'll be flying for decades to come.

    If you haven't seen a 747 in a long time, perhaps it isn't flown near where you live. For example, 747s were used a lot for domestic service in the United States years ago, but as American airlines changed their business model to many flights in small airplanes instead of fewer flights in large airplanes, the 747s disappeared from the skies and were replaced by the likes of 737s and A320s. In other worldwide markets, however, the 747 continues to be heavily used. In markets with a great deal of traffic, it can be economical to fly the 747 even as a commuter jet—if you need to move 500 commuters at a time. Some Asian markets use 747s in this way. So the fact that you've not often seen one doesn't mean that they've been retired.

    The 747 is also very popular as a freighter.

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    Yes. I see them at SFO all the time. You can identify 747s by their 4 engines and having 2 stories on the front part. Boeing is still developing new versions of the plane, like the recent 747-8. They are still used for passengers and cargo.

    Source(s): Internet, observation, and Boeing website.
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    They are actually still making new ones with a revised model the 747 -8 going into service this year.

    You need to get out more and further and look up a little more

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    AS of 2007, 1,396 747 aircraft had been built. The latest version of aircraft in 2009 was 747-8 Intercontinontal. The airplane delivers more revenue at less cost, more cargo, and more range with less emissions, less noise and fuel consumption. The cabin is an oasis in the sky where passengers can recharge in comfort, surround by salpted ceilings, larger windows, dynamic LED lighting, larger bins, and a grand staircase. By the end of June 2010 the three 747-8Fs that composed the flight test programs had flown a total of 500 hours and had completed hot-weather testing in Arizona.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    so what do you mean, exactly? there are lots of 747s in service, but generally newer variants, -300 and -400. i saw several at three airports yesterday (cyul, cyyz, cyvr). on takeoff from cyyz we were number two after a korean airlines 747-400.

    the last time i flew on a dc-9 was in the early '90s, but i flew on an md-80 (a dc-9 derivative) just a couple of years ago.

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    747-100,200, and 300 are not

    the 747-400 and 747-8 is

    Edit: vc-25 aka airforce one is still in commission

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    yes, 747's are still being produced and are in commission. nothing is really based on age, but air frame cycles and time.

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    You're not very smart Jeff Bridges... British Airways has many, Lufthansa flies them, they are the mainstay of the freight business.... The 747-800 is coming off the production lines...

    Somebody should slap some sense into you for asking such a stupid question.

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    By asking this I take it you haven't been near a major airport the in past 40+ years.Cause they are not only still around, but actually still in production and of course are still in use by many major airlines so you see them all the time.

    Source(s): not sure how you haven't seen a plane that big that has been in service for this long
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    8 years ago

    Yes, their used a lot.

    Source(s): Been on one one month ago
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