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What size bike frame do i need?

I have about a 30" inseam, and am 5'2", what size frame should i get, and is there anything else i need to know about my bike size?


Im looking for a hybrid.

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  • John M
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    9 years ago
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    Go to the local bike shop and get fitted. Frames vary between manufacturers so there is no set size.

    30 x .59 = 17.7 inches for a mountain bike 2-4 inches of clearance standing over the frame.

    30 x .65 = 19.5 inches for a road bike 1-2 inches of clearance standing over the frame.


    For a hybrid it will be the same as a road bike. Look at the stand over height and get a frame that is 1-2 inches less then your actual inseam with shoes on.

  • 9 years ago

    If U stand over your frame, there should be approx 1 inch of clearance between your nut buddies and the top bar of your frame. If there is no clearance U could be heinously injured should a mishap occur~



  • 9 years ago

    49cm from seat post to center of bottom bracket.

    Check out the Specialized Sirrus. I have a white older model, it's a great bike.

    I have the older version of this one:

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