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Tremors in hands and 21...Any ideas?

I'm 21 and my feet and hands shake pretty bad in the mornings. Its been happening for over a year now, I went to see a neurologist last week who told me that I had tremors constantly. I hadn't noticed, apparently my hands never stop shaking. When she pointed it out i realised, but before that i hadn't so it isnt really too big of a deal...i think... anyway the neurologist sent referrals for me for bloods, an opthamology review, for an MRI Brain, and to see a neurophysiologist.. she asked me if i had any family history of parkinsons or MS, and when I said no she seemed surprised... I'm kind of worried and scared, is there any other possible reasons for these tremors?

(I'm relatively healthy I have mild CKD, but nothing else and the CKD is controlled without meds, so Im on nothing, I dont even take vitamins...)

Any ideas of what these tremors might be caused by?

The neurologist said i seemed to ahve extra activity going on, she said even the muscles in my face seemed to be twitching (I couldn't feel it...)

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    Essential tremor -a lot ofus have it to some degree. Usually affects hands and arms, but can affect feet as well. Also the jaw, tongue, face.

    Tends to be more noticeable when we are tired or stressed, that's still normal.

    Some medications can enhance a tremor, I don't know if you are taking any, but if so look at side effects on the leaflet in the pack.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well, my sister has IgA nephropathy (which is a specific kind of CKD) as well as essential tremor. To date, no one can say why or how, it simply is. I suspect kidney problems lead to tremors very easily since the adrenal glands are right there and are likely to suffer during kidney problems.

    However, if the doc said your face was twitching on its own, it's probably NOT essential tremor...more likely to be parkinsonism, Parkinson's Disease, MS, or a related problem.

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