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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 9 years ago

It upsets me that people think Lindsay Lohan is a bad role model?

I mean I know she takes drugs, turns tricks, doesn't get acting jobs and almost went to jail and broke probation 20 times...but think what its like to be her to have to use your body to get drugs which you wouldn't be addicted to if your mother and father paid attention to you at all instead of using you for money...but I digress, my daughter says that out of all the girls to come from Disney including Demi Lovato and Britney Spears she decided Lindsay Lohan is her role model?

Everybody from school tells me to take all her Lindsay possessions away and maybe take her out and let her join a sports club and make real friends?

Lindsay Lohan isn't a bad role model, she's just one messed up teenager who went wrong for years and years and doesn't care about health or their family or the rest of society?

now I'm confused

Tell me is she really as bad as people have been saying?

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  • Mary
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    Yes Lindsay Lohan is a bad role model no matter how you look at it. If Lindsay Lohan had made some mistakes, realized she made some mistakes, seek treatment, and turned her life around (like Demi Lovato did) that's one thing. Then I could see where you're coming from but Lindsay Lohan doesn't fall under that category. Lindsay Lohan continue to make mistakes and clearly have no regard for life. Whether or not her parents is the reason behind her troubles is really kind of irrelevant at this point. Lindsay Lohan is an adult, so she is responsible for her own actions. Just because a child didn't have a normal life and/or the proper care, love, and support of their parents doesn't mean they have the right to break the law. Bottom line is that Lindsay Lohan is a bad role model.

    That being said, I do agree with you that her parents are probably the main reason behind Lindsay Lohan bad behavior. Had Lindsay had the right amount of love, support, and discipline as a child perhaps she may have had a better adult life. As you mentioned, Lindsay Lohan parents (especially her mother, Dina) was more focus on making money off of Lindsay Lohan instead of being the loving, caring, and nurturing parents they should have been. It is extremely hard on a child when they don't have the love, support, and discipline of their parents and it's even worse when the child is in the Hollywood life because that is a cruel and mean lifestyle (with all the paparazzi, the media, the drama, etc.) and no child should have to go through that especially without loving and supporting parents by your side, so I agree with you fully that Lindsay Lohan parents are probably mostly to blame for her troubles but as I mentioned earlier that is irrelevant at this point because Lindsay Lohan is an adult now and she should have handle her issues in a mature way in instead of acting out and getting involved in bad scandals and legal trouble and unfortunately due to her years of drug, alcohol, and legal trouble Lindsay Lohan appearance and reputation have been permanently damaged and no matter what she say and/or do her appearance and reputation will forever be damaged and sadly due to her bad appearance and reputation no movie directors want to hire her for their movie, so doing Playboy, adult films, and little modeling jobs here and there is really the only way for her to bring in money. Lindsay Lohan was a beautiful and talented young actress and singer but now due to her years of drug and alcohol abuse she will never be as successful as she used to be and that is truly so sad. Bottom line is that yes Lindsay Lohan is a bad role model for anyone especially little girls. Hope I helped. Have a nice day! Bye! :-)

  • 9 years ago

    People will like and dislike any celebrity so you can't stop that but you're right on some condition.

    When you have been in the spotlight since a child and geew up with it,it can make you a different person and some still the same. There are two role models in the world;There Good behaving,caring,

    example setting ones and who also turned their life around for a fresh start. Then there are messed up ones in which you just said that has broken laws and did dirty.

    So you say she's "Messed up" and she doesn't care about her family,Health and society? That sounds like a wrong turn to me. These days,Good role models are ignored and the wrong Turner's get the attention. Not all but some. I know there are alot of people who have done way worse but there is ways for solving your problems,Lindsay has money so why steal jewelry? She gets free 21 or 20 times for breaking the law and she tested positive for alcohol which she had to go back to court for. I mean even Betty white had something to say about Lindsay that she is one of the star's that takes fame for granted. She can always stay out of the spotlight.

  • 5 years ago

    Well, all those things are connected. She's also had an eating disorder. It's fairly predictable though because she has such a dysfunctional family background and has been exploited since she was a kid. I don't think she's in any fit state to be a role model. All that will redeem her now is if she can prove herself as an actress (there are people in the industry who believe she does have true acting potential). All her problems though seem to threaten her career. I don't know if all her actions have been intended, she's just very messed up, and she won't improve until she confronts some of her personal issues. It's a sad waste of talent.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Lindsay Lohan is trash. Okay maybe that was harsh. And many factors played into the mess she's become today (Dina Lohan= worst mom ever) but you mentioned Demi Lovato who has her public share of struggles and guess what; she successfully completed rehab and is back and better than ever. These issues that these girls are dealing with are real and very common; I would know I am a teeange girl too. But I love Demi because she's come back with such class and has really made a fresh start. I think your daughter likes Lindsay because of the hip, rebellious-ness she represents but honestly I never was a fan of Miley Cyrus until she became older and I love her now. I think she is really cool and she makes mistakes and stuff but she's just a very cool, hip teenager to me and if anything she'd be a better role model than Lindsay because Miley still has a very long career and successful, healthy, happy life ahead of her.

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  • 9 years ago

    Lindsay Lohan

    - dated a woman in 2008 and 2009.

    - no she didn't "almost went to jail". She was incarcerated on July 20, 2010 for 14 days, because she violated the terms of her probation after being arrested for a DUI. She was incarcerated again on September 24, 2010 because she failed a drug test. Then she was charged for stealing a necklace from a jewelry store in January and was sentenced to 120 days of house arrest.

    - she posed for playboy in 2011.

    So yea if you want your daughter admiring a jailbird with no respect for authority and one good movie under her belt, then sure. Not to mention she smokes, does drugs, and idolized Marilyn Monroe.

    SN: Why are Demi Lovato, and Britney Spears better role models? Demi Lovato has anger issues and even admitted to drug and alcohol abuse as a teenager (look it up in one of her more recent interviews). Britney Spears is bats hit crazy and can't keep a man.

    Yea these women should be applauded for recovering from major travesties in their lives. But, people need to realize, they had money and careers to help them. Your daughter probably doesn't (especially right now). Plus, there are a lot more actors/actresses who haven't come back from such travesties. (see Dana Plato, Marilyn Monroe, Corey Haim, Gary Coleman, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, etc.)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I stopped expecting role models to come out of Disney a long time ago. I just hope she can do some good acting work again someday.

  • 9 years ago


    All celebrities are scrutinized and beaten down on a daily basis for the media to make a quick buck 99% of what you read about a celebrity(especially the bigger named ones) are almost always false.

    Lindsay is a multi-millionaire so believe me she has never "used her body to get drugs".

    I don't blame her though,do you? If you had to wake up every morning to thousands of new rumors about you buzzing about on tv and the internet wouldn't you want to do drugs or drink a bit to get away from everything? The media and the public drive these celebrities to their breaking points for their own entertainment.It's sick and wrong.

    I look up to Lindsay because she is a beautifully talented actress and because she is so strong because she has overcome so much in her short life..So much more then any of us could ever imagine in our wildest dreams.

  • Ralph
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    You're right. She 's a great role model. All girls should pattern their lives after hers.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Mean Girls was a great movie.

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