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Why wasn't casey anthony convicted even though she admitted to a crime?

Yes I know.. The trial is over but I was reading a recent article about her and was wondering...

I remember her lawyer saying that casey said that the girl drowned and george(her father) helped her to cover it up.

Isn't this admitting to a crime? Concealing a body? Something? Woudlnt that be reason enough for the jury to lock her up

I am just curious as to what happens in the justice system in instances like these.

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  • Mary
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    She was convicted of 4 counts of lying to the police and investigators. She did not testify and thus cannot be guilty of perjury. She was acquitted of the murder charges.

    Depending on a LOT of circumstances her attorney could find himself in deep doo-doo if the court and State decide to pursue it. And I hope they do! Attorneys are NOT allowed to say things in opening statements that they do not intend to bring forward during trial with competent evidence. Whether they had evidence and then decided not to use it will make a large difference.

    One of the big problems with murder cases happens when the murder victim's body is concealed long enough so the coroner's pathologists cannot determine cause and manner of death. That happened in the Anthony case. It also happened in a rather notorious case in Illinois about 15 years ago when a mother was accused of murdering several children, and only the last one was found early enough to determine cause and manner of death. As a result, the woman could not be convicted on the earlier deaths.

    Another problem with cases is when the defendant is such a notorious liar and tells so many lies that it is impossible to determine whether and when he may actually have been truthful. Casey Anthony is such a person and has been found by the court to be that way. Another, currently in the news, is Joran VanderSloot, who has just pleaded quilty to murder of that young woman in Peru and who will be sentenced tomorrow. He has told so many lies about Natalie Holloway (the young girl from the US who disappeared in Aruba) that even his "confessions" are not reliable.

    Caset Anthony needs to change her appearance (again), change her name, and get the hell out of Florida at the earliest opportunity.

  • hoerr
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    Was Casey Anthony Convicted

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    She was convicted of those crimes, and did serve time in jail for those crimes.

    Because she was not offered bail, she waited for her trial in jail (and it took a while for her case to go from arrest to sentencing), so her time spent there was deducted from her sentence for those convictions (as is standard procedure for all defendants), and after the trial and sentencing, based on her time served credit, her sentence for those convictions was mostly up....she still had like 2 or 3 weeks, but that was it.

    The thing you have to consider, is that there are certain limits for how long sentences can be. If a person is convicted of a small crime, and found not guilty of a big crime, the Judge cannot impose a heavy sentence simply because he thinks she should have been guilty of the big crime. He has to follow the statutory guidelines and consider other factors. The not-guilty verdicts cannot play any part in sentencing.

  • Jay
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    Without going into the specific of this particular case...

    When someone is put on trial, the DA/prosecutor decides what charges to go for. When someone is put on trial for murder, and it's discovered during the trial that the person is actually guilty of concealing a body, then the prosecutor would need to amend the suit. This is rarely done, as it makes a mess of the original murder trial. So, typically, it's ignored in favor of the larger crime.

    The statements of a lawyer are not used to prove that someone committed a crime, anyway.

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  • 9 years ago

    Casey was never on the stand, never spoke and thus, admitted to NOTHING. Same for her lawyer. He was not on the stand, and what he said/ didn't say, means nothing.

    No..the jury cannot convict her on what story the lawyer dreamed up. They are only allowed to act on the sworn testimony and what they perceived as proven facts.

    It was a manuever, for one plant the idea that there COULD be another explanation, another scenario. Without a provable cause of death from the remains, there could be no conviction as to how and why it happened.

  • WRG
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    9 years ago

    Because the prosecution didn't charge her with those crimes. And they didn't for a very good reason. They were concerned if their were lesser charges available to the jury then they might choose those lesser charges and not get the murder charge they were after.

  • 9 years ago

    Don't worry, it might take 50 years, but Karma is going to bite Casey hard in the ***.

  • xK
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    9 years ago

    They would have to file those actual charges against her, gather evidence, and try her on those charges.

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