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Confederate flag? help me understand the ignorance?

How can someone in this day and age try to justify the confederate flag, and say they don't support racisim??

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    Racism is the belief that one group of people is inherently superior to another group of people. It is not the same thing as being prejudice or bigoted.

    I assume that when you say "the confederate flag" you mean the confederate battle flag used by some units of the Army of Tennessee, which looks like the second Navy Jack. This was never the national flag of the CSA nor was not used by all units.

    Some groups which have racist or at least prejudiced views have used the "confederate flag" as a symbol but it does not follow that everyone who displays the flag has the same views. It is like saying some bikers have tattoos therefore everyone with a tattoo is a bicker.

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    Most Confederate soldiers didn't even own slaves. There were other issues that motivated them to fight for their independence. There were other policies pursued by the U.S. government that were harmful to Southern interests that had nothing to do with slavery. And also, like all Americans North and South, they didn't like outsiders trying to tell them what to do. The U.S. has gone to war more than once simply because it felt like other nations expect us to kowtow to them.

    I don't see that flag as anything except a symbol of the Southern United States as a region. A lot of people in eastern Germany still use the old East German flag as a symbol for their part of Germany, but that doesn't mean they support Communism.

  • If you had every studied American history, you would know the answer to your question. What is amazing to me is how somebody in this day and age could possibly be so ignorant of the true facts. The Confederate flag has never had anything to do with racism. You need to learn how to think for yourself and stop drinking the kool-ade.

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    As a South Carolinian, and student of the Civil War, I can easily understand and accept the concept of the Confederate flag. Not everyone in the south were slave owners. Yet it was the wealthy land owners in the south that wielded most, if not all of the influence leading up to the war. Slavery was the mechanism or labor which allowed these powerful land owners to earn and keep their wealth and they were against anything that challenged their means of making money. However, when war finally did erupt, it not only affected the rich and powerful bureaucrats in the south, but every southern family, regardless of their social standing.

    War came to the south, and most southerners were involved. They had to defend their homes, their families and their way of living. Not everything in the south was evil, nor did every southerner support slavery. The flag was the banner selected to identify the Confederate army, and their struggle to defend against invaders.

    Today, many people in the south are neutral about the Confederate flag. Sadly, many racist groups, of which the KKK is most prominent, chose to use the Confederate flag as one of their symbols; it became a symbol of their racism, intolerance, ignorance and hate. For me however, I choose not to associate this flag with racism; I associate this flag with southern history, southern families, a period of hardship and struggle and especially a symbol for those in gray who lost their lives. The vast majority of these soldiers were merely farmers or family men or both, who were caught up in a costly war that devastated much of the south. Among those people who experienced such hardships were my family ancestors; I know of some of the impacts this war had upon my forefathers.

    I am absolutely against racism and hate the fact that slavery was a part of the south. But, it was only part of the southern life-style. My ancestors weren't slave owners; they went to church, had families and worked hard to support their families. They wanted the same things that were important to people living in the north. Still, the war came to them. I can't "justify" the Confederate flag, but I do have my own feelings and interpretations associated with the flag. I certainly don't think this flag represents nor condones slavery. Just like the American flag today doesn't represent "anti-slavery". To me, the American flag represents much more than one simple topic. The American flag represents an entire and total American way of life. I especially respect the American flag because men and women have lost their lives while carrying this symbol of America into battle.

    I can understand the feelings others may have about the Confederate flag, but it is a part of American history. When I see the German Nazi symbol, I think of all the evil that was done under that banner. However, to compare what the Nazi flag represented to what the Confederate flag represented is unfair (in my opinion), because an entirely new way of German living was created under this Nazi banner; very little of which represented anything close to being positive or good.

    Also, I don't believe the Confederate flag should be displayed with the intention of representing anything or as a symbol of or for today's general public. But then I do believe it's appropriate to display this banner as a symbol in the grave-yards of Confederate soldiers or displayed in museums, etc.

    I might add, I'm not obsessive or overly passionate about the Confederate flag, I simply associate it with the many good parts of a southern life-style present in the south before the Civil war. Thankfully, the war ended the practice of slavery, but sadly, many good things unique to the south were also lost or altered.

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  • Speaking as a born and bred Southerner ....

    First of all, it is not a Confederate Flag.

    Nor is it the Confederate 'Stars & Bars' or a "Southern Cross".

    One of the Confederate 'battle flags' (also used as a as a naval ensign and navy jack) was SQUARE in shape with the with the cross X.

    It was never anything more.

    A REAL Confederate flag, though not seen much, it still a part of our recent history.

    Many Americans lived and died under that banner --- male and female, black and white, citizens, freemen, and slaves --- and it just wasn't about racism.

    Please keep that in mind --- an astonishing amount of black freemen voluntarily fought under the real 'Stars and Bars'.

    Do not forget them and do not dare judge them --- we are not part of their world or their time and cannot fathom their idealism unless we were there.

    There was a variant of flag during the Civil War, one of several belonging to the Army of Tennessee, with a red background and a very deep, dark blue cross X that was rectangular in shape.

    It was this particular Army of Tennessee flag combined with the Confederate Navy ensign that you believe to be the "Confederate Flag".

    It is a completely fabricated flag that never represented the C.S.A. as a nation, never represented a Southern state, nor recognized as one of the national or state flags.

    The "Confederate Flag" associated with the first KKK immediately following the Civil War, with Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was in fact, the old flags of the Army of Tennessee, in which these separatists fought under but it never made a "hit".

    Some cross X square type flags made it into WWII within military units with nicknames like "The Rebels" ---- but was still not seen with any association as a "hate symbol".

    You will NOT see what you consider a "Confederate Flag" in any photos of the KKK or any racist hate groups prior to the 1950s.

    The flag you know as the "Confederate Flag" slowly began to show within hate groups, like the third wave of the KKK that originated in the Northern Midwest in the 1950s.

    You will not find a photo of the KKK or any hate group flying a "Confederate Flag" prior to 1959.

    As crazy as it sounds it began as a Midwestern thing --- even today, you will see substantially more "Confederate Flags" in places like Missouri and Indiana than in Georgia.

    You'd be hard pressed to find a "Confederate Flag" to purchase in the City of Atlanta, Georgia BUT you can purchase one from every single souvenir shop in Branson, MIssouri.

    The "Confederate Flag" news event involving the placement of Confederate symbolism within some Southern state flags pertained to the square Confederate Battle Flag that some Southern states used within the flag design to show cheeky resistance to Northern political dominance.

    It was NOT the flag of Racist groups.

    The rectangular "Confederate Flag" is not Confederate, nor is it Southern, nor does it mean Southern Pride.

    It is insulting to Southern people as a whole as well as people of color.

    The so called rectangular "Confederate Flag" is a flag of pure hate and ignorance ... period.

    And it is an affront to any Southerner, black or white.

    It is easy to confuse --- but think of it this way --- even though they look a LOT alike, not every middle eastern person is a terrorist --- most are God-fearing, peaceful, people, many are Christian and other religions, and are not our enemies.

    You just can't generalize, especially when it comes to hate.

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    There is nothing "racist" about the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. The Civil War, contrary to revisionist nonsense, was NOT about slavery; it was about states rights and economic differences between the regions of the United States.

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    It's a flag for God's sake, that's all. It is very popular in Britain, and no-one gives a **** about racism until someone like you points it out and makes a big deal, thereby CAUSING RACISM. If the Stars and Bars is racist, why are the American Indians not burning the Stars and Stripes after what the "White Folks" did to their ancestors when, gold, coal, oil and anything else worth stealing was stolen from them and they were penned up in concentration camps called Reservations. Get a life, go to Africa and see what real ignorance and racism is. It won't be easy because both sides are BLACK! It doesn't need a white skin to be racist. What colour is yours?

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    Because it's a battle flag of a group of states that tried to succeed. Yes they had an institution of slavery, but so did Great Britain. Does that make the Union Jack racist?

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    It's called political correctness, and the power of denial.

    "The South fought on account of the thing we quarreled with the North about. I never heard of any other cause for quarrel, than slavery"...Col. John Singleton Mosby...CSA

    The documents, letters, and speeches made by Southerners AT THE TIME, are emphatic as to why they were seceding...the protection AND EXPANSION of slave rights.

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