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Hindi/Urdu to English Translation?

Shagufta: "kiya ye batana zarori hy"

Suhail: "Jasa aap samjhe"

Mannan: "Acha yeh chishmish aap toh nahi ho?"

Mannan: "Waisay yeh jo bhi larki hay...hay bahut kamaal ki mashaAllah."

Shagufta: "mannan ap ko kia lagta he"

Mannan: "Mujhay lgta hay k yeh aap nahi ho..."

Sameer: "Tmari char ho gayi do shishe ki jo lag gayi;)"

Mannan: "Mera guess sahi nikla...

Mujhay inaam diya jae..."

Sameer: "Jao diya tmko "INAAM"

.mila ??"

Mannan: "Na g na..."

Sameer: "Ye sicrate inaam he dikhai ni deta :)"

Mannan: "Yeh toh na denain wali baat huvi na..."

Sameer: "Are!!! hamari tarah hamara inaam v kuch khas he indivisuall;;;)"

These are conversations (posted in FB comments) between my friends from Saudi Arabia. Sorry if it's long :(

Thanks! :D

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  • 8 years ago
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    Shagufta: "Is it important to tell"

    Suhail: "whatever you think [or it's up to you]"

    Mannan: "Okay, this chashmish/chishmish isn't you ?"

    Mannan: "By the way whoever this girl is...she is just gorgeous."

    Shagufta: "Mannan what do you think ?"

    Mannan: "I guess it's you..."

    Sameer: " You have four eyes, two are of glasses. ;)"

    Mannan: "My guess is right... Reward Me..."

    Sameer: "Here's your Reward/prize"

    got it ??"

    Mannan: "No dear no..."

    Sameer: It's a secret prize, it's invisible :)"

    Mannan: "It's the same thing like you don't wanna give it..."

    Sameer: "well!!! My prize is special just like me.

    indivisuall;;;) [Idk wtf indivisuall is lol]"

    Edit: Chishmish or Chashmish - It's a nickname for someone who wears glasses or specs.

    Mashallah : It's an arabia phrase which means 'God's will'. It also means 'beautiful' [we don't have the right to use this word unless were muslims. Oops! I just said it].

    Source(s): Native Hindi Speaker. LOL. What a ******* conversation :D.
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  • 8 years ago

    Shagufta: "do i have to tell this?"

    Suhail: "whatever u want it to mean"

    Mannan: "okay so ur not dis chicshmish are u?"

    Mannan: "whoever dis girl is, she's amazing"

    Shagufta: "mannan what do u think?"

    Mannan: "i think this is not u."

    Mannan: i guessed right give me a prize

    Sameer: i gave u a prize. did u get it

    Mannan: "no way"

    Sameer: "dis secret prize cannot be seen"

    Mannan: "this means ur not going to give it"

    Sameer: "like me my prize is special"

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  • 8 years ago

    go to; locate the drop down dialogue "more". Click. Locate Translate.

    Then, choose Hindi or Urdu as the source language.

    Choose English as the destination language.

    Cut and paste the above conversation on the left box.

    The right box will give you the meaning.

    Good luck. Hope it works for you.

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  • 4 years ago

    I agree with the translation of Neha but I would add to the first sentence to make it more close to the original sentence in Urdu: Oh God (Allah) You gave me even when I didn't ask, then how is it possible that I ask and you don't give. I also agree with Neha's explanation of ' Pak ' and ' ata ' so I don't need to repeat them.

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