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Can someone help me solve this? tan s is over 1+cos s + sin s is over 1-cos s = cot s + sec s csc S?

Its about Verifying Trigonometric functions & that's the last # I need to. But I just can't get the right solution.. :/

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    tried doing it fancy by typing it on word first but it didn't work :( oh well, you're just gonna have a hard time deciphering it ;P

    tan⁡ s/(1+cos ⁡s )+ sin⁡ s/(1-cos ⁡s )=cot⁡ s+(sec⁡ s x csc ⁡s)

    LHS = tan ⁡s/(1+cos⁡ s )+ sin⁡ s/(1-cos ⁡s )

    (tan⁡ s(1-cos⁡ s)+sin⁡ s(1+cos⁡ s) )/(1- cos^2⁡ s )

    (tan ⁡s - sin⁡ s + sin⁡ s + (cos⁡ s x sin⁡ s) )/sin^2 ⁡s

    (tan ⁡s + (cos⁡ s x sin⁡ s)⁡ )/sin^2⁡ s

    1/(sin⁡ s x cos ⁡s) + cos⁡ s/sin ⁡s

    (sec⁡ s x csc⁡ s) + cot s


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