Dad very short tempered/memory loss due to long stay in hospital?

Dad been in hospital almost 5 weeks...he has secondary bowel cancer but his latest stay is due to his leg hurting ALOT and therefore was unable to walk, get to the toilet on time etc. It turns out that he has avascular necrosis of the femur which could be due to the intense chemo he has been having. I think the duration of the stay in hospital has made him really short tempered with my poor mum but his memory is getting really bad. Is this normal?? I'm sure if he was to go back home this would in time go least i hope it would. Yesterday we were given the option by the doctors to go forward with a hip replacement which they have offered with the possibility that he may not fully recover....OR carry on with pain management and see how he gets on. But to me the option of not going forward seems silly as pain management will only make the problem worse and make him more bed bound. They live in a small terraced house with no downstairs loo/bathroom so we've got all those issues to contend with if he comes home. He is only 65.

Any professional/ personal experiences that may help us.

Thank you all so much. Its so heartbreaking to see your parents slowly deteriorate before your eyes.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi Chimeara, Its a difficult decision to have to make, however, if the pain has not been relieved by other methods (painkillers etc) then hip replacement is usually the treatment of choice.

    This is because the affected portion of the bone consists of the head (the ball-shaped piece of bone that fits into the socket of the hip) and neck (the portion of the thighbone just below the head). When it’s deprived of blood, this part of the bone begins to “die,” breaking down and causing the cartilage on top of it to collapse.

    He will be in hospital for about 2 weeks with that and have lots of physiotherapy.

    As for your worries about the upstairs toilet etc, do not worry about this. When he has had the procedure he will be assessed by Occupational Therapy. They will sort all of that out for you and assist in getting you other means of help that you may need when dad comes home.

    This will all be sorted before your dad goes home.

    As for the memory loss, that could be down to medication. If he is on powerful painkilling drugs it would account for this.

    I wish you well, try not to worry =)

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  • 8 years ago

    i am so sorry to read about your situation i know exactly how you feel [i lost my dad to throat cancer a week before his 65th birthday & watched him deteriorate for 8 months & it is the worse thing to go through]

    is your dad's secondary cancer inoperable & therefore terminal?

    if so i would not recommend the hip replacement as this is a big op with a very hard/long recovery so his last months would be better spent at home managed with pain meds & try to enjoy the time he has left with his loved ones [i had a hip replacement 7 weeks ago & i am only 45 but struggling to get back on my feet]

    however if his cancer is treatable [which i really hope is the case] he is still young & needs to have a the best quality of life as he can and be pain free so the op would be worth considering

    medications can cause memory loss & many of the symptoms you mention but being in hospital takes its toll on many ppl

    i wish you & your family well & send my prayers to your dad :) x

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  • 3 years ago

    I had c-sections with the two one in all my little ones. the 1st one replaced into an emergency c-section. the two situations i replaced into interior the scientific institution for 3 days. Six days sounds like alot, sounds like there have been issues in touch. 3 days is many times the norm for a c-section. i'm hoping you do no longer could desire to stay the six this time, i replaced into waiting to bypass abode after 2. stable luck!!!!!!!

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