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if someone says "next thursday" and she's saying this on a wednesday, does that mean the next day?

or a week later???

I ask a professor if she's given the first exam yet.. She says, " no, that will likely happen next thursday"?

She said this today, (wednesday).. So would you take her answer to mean that the exam is tomorrow or a week from tomorrow? Yes, i know that in a technical sense it would mean tomorrow, but dont most people actually mean a week from tomorrow if they say "next thursday" when thursday is the very next day? What do you think?


I have no idea where the "'" came from in my question. Its sposed to say "if someone says next thursday and she says this on a wednesday, does that mean the next day?

Update 2:

also, i dont know why this question defaulted to singles and dating section.. Im not interested in dating my professor. She's much too old for me.

Update 3:

Maybe her daughter though. But she'd have to be semi-hot. otherwise im not interested.

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