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Why do N. Hampshire Election officials brazenly commit voter fraud saying "Live free or die" as an excuse?

Voters in the Granite State are not required to present identification to vote. O’Keefe’s investigators were able to obtain ballots under the names of dead voters at polling locations Tuesday by simply asking for them, he said.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Video footage provided exclusively to The Daily Caller shows election workers in New Hampshire giving out ballots in the names of dead voters at multiple voting precincts during the state’s primary election on Tuesday.

The bombshell video is the work of conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe and his organization, Project Veritas.

I will attach a video on edit here for the short youtube

Update 2:

Jacara what do you really know? - Ideology

In an interview with Politico, Carlson said that The Daily Caller will not be tied to ideology but rather will be "breaking stories of importance." In a Washington Post article, Carlson added "We're not enforcing any kind of ideological orthodoxy on anyone."[2]

Opinion contributors have included Arianna Huffington, Newt Gingrich, Andrew Breitbart, S.E. Cupp, Juan Williams, and Lanny Davis.

While the site claims to be neutral in regard to ideology, some observers have noted its right-wing leanings. The Guardian referred to The Daily Caller as "the conservative answer to The Huffington Post."[3]

[edit] Sarah Palin feud

Sarah Palin launched a lengthy attack on The Daily Caller via Facebook in response to an article on legislation she signed as governor of Alaska providing tax credits to production companies who film in Alaska. She specifically wrote, "In response to The Daily Caller's online in

Update 3:

What's different now is the law. They are making Voter ID in a lot of states now. Almaciga - The authorities don't care. I know that I sent you link after link of fixed elections. We are trying to make a difference. I don't want to live in this country if it's like this now. It wasn't this bad Till CIA GHWB and from then on including Obama the Fraud has been rampant. Google it.

I'm old and it wasn't this rampant. Nixon Resigned because of Watergate and look at the crap the CIA gets away with now. It's not just voting and I am not going to shut up about it and pretend the Authorities are doing something when they are not

Update 4:

Foghorn - Almaciga is for Obama. She favors strong cental gov. and we argue all the time about it.

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    I think almaciga just made a confession to voter fraud lol. Oh well we know who they voted for. Just a guess here but I bet they voted for Romney. Romney is one of those fraudsters who have offshore accounts. Remember he used tax payer money to destroy evidence of his reign in Massachusetts. If Romney wins this election we are so freaking screwed it ain't even funny.

    Ron Paul can win we just keep spreading the word.

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    I think that if there was fraud, the authorities would be all over it. But considering the way the GOP handles things and considering The Mitt is the establishment candidate, I do not know. Even if people do not like him a lot of them think he is the one to beat Obama. And that is their main priority.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    And how is this any different, though, from what's always happened in elections? Whoever controls the ballot box--and access to that ballot box--calls the elections.

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    I can't believe the left still opposes voter ID laws.

    Voter Fraud is SO EASY in states like that.

    It is an embarrassment to the electoral system.

    (But the left plays the race card and people fall for it)

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  • Jacara
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    9 years ago

    Yeah because the Dailycaller is a reputable news source.....even FOX tells less lies than them and that is saying a lot.

  • 9 years ago

    I believe that when you are bought and paid for you do as you are told .

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Republicans cheat

    that is what they do

    That is why Ron Paul is unique

    He is Honest

    so they not not support him.

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