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GWK- asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 9 years ago

How can I try to get know her if I feel she either doesn't want to talk to me?

There is this very cute and intelligent girl in my class. She is kind of quiet I guess? When class for the first day was getting ready, I saw her waiting with all of us, and she stared at me, and looked away. As I sat down, I saw her sit 3 seats to my left, then change her mind, and sit next to me. But I would try to talk to her, but she won't really respond, and will just smile.

Then next week when I saw her, I said hi before class started, and she said hi back. As I sat down in our chemistry lab seat, I saw her sit down next to me. And I would try talking to her, but she would keep looking at her phone when we were doing work, so I assumed she wasn't in the mood to talk. Then at the end of class, I had to leave as soon as possible, so I got out of my seat, and as I opened the door for her like a gentleman, I could tell she was sort of surprised, but didn't even say thank you, just walked outside.

So far I've been sort of a class clown, making the entire class laugh occasionally, and I can tell she laughs at my stuff by her body language. I didn't exactly take the time to personally get to know her, but I'd like to. But how can I do if she's talking to this girl, and leaving no space for me to get to know her?

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  • 9 years ago
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    She may be shy. Try asking to meet her after class or to go for coffee. But do this before you go into your class clown act so that she will know you are serious.

    Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Why don't you actually try talking to her instead of relying on her to read your signals? Making assumptions that she doesn't want to talk won't get you anywhere. It may be awkward, but she's not going up to you, so its your responsibility to start the conversation.

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