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What happened on One Tree Hill finale last season?

I'm soo confused watching the last season premiere..can someone tell me what happened at the end of the last season?! Thanks! :)

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    9 years ago
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    The producers didn't know if there was going to be a season 9 or not so they wrapped the series up pretty nicely. There were no cliffhangers and all the characters were happy in the last episode. Haley turned the Clothes over Bros location back into Karen's Cafe and Brooke became her partner. Brooke gave birth to twins which was pretty much a miracle as she was told she couldn't have kids. Chase left for the Air Force and came back from training to find Alex waiting for him. Nathan visited Dan at the way out of the way cafe Dan was working at to give him a picture of Lydia and a baseball Jaime hit to win a game. Mouth finally gets a Tv show hosting a morning show with his girlfriend Millie. The end scene which could have easily been the final scene was Jamie dribbling a basketball over the bridge that Lucas was dribbling a basketball over in the opening credits of the first few seasons and Jaime was wearing a Keith Scott Auto Garage hoodie like Lucas used to wear. By the way the first part of the new season, Haley looking under the sheet at a body, Julian getting beat up, Chase in the police car.....that stuff hasn't happened yet as it was just a little sneak preview of the new season.

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    peyton lives, has a little one lady, names her saywer brooke scott, dan virtually kills himself, whitey got here again!, nathan made it to the NBA! brooke and julian get again in combination, brookes mother turns into a fine mom, then peyton and lucas go away with the little one

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