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Sinus headache and vomiting?

Around 11 today I started getting really light headed and my vision was somewhat blurry. I had not eaten lunch yet, so I thought I just needed to eat.

While eating lunch I got a terrible headache. Once I got to class my stomach started to hurt. I went to the nurse and I threw up. On the drive home I threw up as well.

I slept it off for a couple hours, and have not eaten since. My stomach still doesn't feel all that great and I have an important exam tomorrow I can't miss.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Maybe it was something you ate the day before. Did you know that it takes like 7 hours to digest meat from your body?

    Just kidding, I'm pretty sure I just made that up.

    The randomness of your illness makes it hard to identify what's wrong. But I'd suggest drinking lots of water since throwing up makes your throat dry.

    also walk it off. when I get sick, my coach still makes me swim and surprisingly enough, I get better.

    I don't know much, this is just from experience. Get better, Steven! And good luck on your exam!

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