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What's your first kiss story? Is it cute, weird, awkward?

Heres mines. It was late but oh well :) Theres this boy i think is oh so cute in my school and he gave me a dollar to buy him something from Mc. Donalds. (yeah why me) so i never bought it and used the dollar on myself. Lmao! Then he kept asking me where his dollar was and i kept saying I DONT KNOW! So one day his friend, me and him were standing together and his friend said"He wants his dollar, or something else." wih a grin on his face. So i looked at the boy i like and asked what then. And his friend said "How about a kiss upon the cheek" (we're reading romeo and juliet he was acting stupid :)) And then the boy i like said "I'd like that." i didnt do i though because people were watching and thank god the bell rang in time. Lol. Then the next day it was me and the boy, in the hallway, alone and he asked me "where's my dollar" and we kept going back and forth with me saying I dont know and what do you want instead and blah blah. Finally i just reached up (hes taller then me)and kissed him because i knew he wanted to kiss me based on body language and where his eyes were located. Then he said "Thats all?" and pulled me back in. We started making out but then a teacher walked by and said get to class. -_- so now its akward being around him. Even though he said he liked kissing me. :)

Thats my weird story.

Whats yours??

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    Hmm... First kiss was pretty lame. Let's see, 14 y/o, spin the bottle. With this girl named Chelsea. It was ok I guess... She wasn't a bad kisser. But neither of us liked eachother... Until later when we went out... But she was too clingy... So I broke up w her. Few months later, here I am with the most amazing gf ever. I'll tell u our first kiss, I guess. Got nothin better to do.

    I'm not really one for telling stories but here goes. we were, and are, 16

    First kiss with current Girlfriend:

    Ok, we're hanging out with friends, right? Like in November 2011.

    It starts to rain. One of my friends houses is just down the street. Everyone starts to head inside. I decide to invite her to a walk in a nearby park. She seemed kinda cold so I gave her my jacket, like they do in the movies haha. So then we're sitting on this park bench, cuddling under the trees so we don't get wet. The rain cleared up after 15 ish minutes of talking. Being a competitive girl, she challenged me to a race around a baseball field, with our bench as the start and finish. I gave her a bit of a head start. So she was running on the wet pavement, and came on the turn. She slipped :(. Messed up her ankle pretty badly. I got to her and gently picked her up and carried her back to the bench, her crying :(. I held her on my lap, kinda sideways, with her legs on my left and her body diagonal across mine and her head on the right. She stopped crying for a bit so I turned her head and gently kissed her forehead, cheeks, then lips. Amazing kiss :). So she can't walk on her ankle.

    My house is about a 1/4 mile from the park. I carried her to my house, but with plenty of kissing stops ;). We were kinda sitting down about halfway home at one point and started making out for 10 minutes. Then eventually I got her to mine, then her house so I got her parents and started to leave.

    What I love about her is she's sweet, but still tough. She could still joke while her ankle is freakin bent in the wrong direction. So yeah, apparently, I'm " not getting away that easily".

    She convinces her parents to let me stay with her in the car. We kissed pretty much the whole way to the doctors, Urgentcare, ER, wherever we went. She tasted like mints and cherry lip gloss, sexy :).

    Aaaaannnyyyways she had a sprained ankle, pretty bad one.

    I think it's so sweet though, bc she told me that the first kiss erased all her pain (not either of our firsts but our first together).

    I'm still going out with Anna, she's amazing. For 2.5 ish months now. Bout 6 weeks since the first kiss.

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    I'm now not gonna inform you approximately the crappy, kiddy one I had a couple of years again - even the reminiscence is awkward! My first right one used to be whilst my boarding condo held a Christmas get together and we have been looking 'Cool Runnings' in some of the chilling areas. Everyone used to be approximately however then the film ended and we have been sitting in combination at the couch, simply chatting. We each knew what used to be gonna occur however we did not recognise whilst, and the humorous factor used to be that I used to be smiling after which my face began to twitch, so I became away and we began guffawing approximately it. He used to be rather anxious after which he used to be identical to 'Do you wish to?' I used to be useless satisfied, so I stated 'Why now not?' It used to be o.k. (his first) but it surely used to be rather candy and I loved it. Halfway via, who comes alongside the hall however our Deputy Headmistress, who tactfully did not say whatever!

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