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Anonymous asked in News & EventsOther - News & Events · 9 years ago

judge Unfair? HELPPPPPP!!!?

So, my dad was sentenced 1-10 for collecting money under false pretences. which was not true. he was paying the back. they got free chemicals for life plus extras. n they even told the judge they were happy with what they got. Well judge sentenced him 1-10 years, with him being only one in our home with income, having 8 kids plus 2 of the kids with babies one the way. Nw guy tht went in after my daddy was sentenced shot up bluefield n got a 1-5 . same judge. NOw with same judge guy was sentenced yr of rehab n quit after 7 months he was sentenced to 1-5 years in jail. now a nother guy under the same judge had 72 counts including the collecting money under false pretences yet he got 60-90 days in jail. Something is wrong with these pictures. Now the judge stated on record he had personal feelings about my dads case yet refused to step down as judge , my dad is sitting in jail couldnt even get a bond cuz the judge said no. n it was 2 weeks bfore christmas!!! we need help to legally get my dad out of jail. Please help if u know the answers to how it can b done!!!!

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  • AJ
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    9 years ago
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    Your dad must have had a lawyer to assist him as this is a criminal case. If he couldn't afford one, he was entitled to assistance from a lawyer appointed by the state.

    If your dad's lawyer felt the judge was biased that lawyer should / would have filed a motion to either dismiss the case of get another judge to hear the case. And of course your dad's innocent. Most in jail claim the same, as we speak.

    If you are truly serious about helping your dad and you are truly convinced that justice was not served, appeal the sentence, if not done already and/or look for a (better?) lawyer.


    Source(s): Being a lawyer.
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