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Does she like me ? :/?

Alright so im just gonna tell you a few things krissy did first ( lets say her name is krissy her friend is Angelica )

- Takes my hat and doesn't let me get it back

- When we were waiting for the buss she would lean on me and look up at me ( since im 6'3 and have that look that she wanted to kiss or something but only for a split second

- When i would say something funny she would grab my coat and pull me towards her laughing then she would lean her *** on me or her side *** on me .. ( she pulled me chest to chest )

Anyways krissy did that and when we were at the bus stop where she gets on to go home it was me and her friend they're and so we were playing around all 3 of us and she was throwing stuff at me then i threw a paper ball at her but hit her face by accident ( im on varsity for baseball so it was probably hard )

She got mad until i pulled her close to me and hugged her from the back & she was leaning on me then she laughed / blushed

Her friend interrupted us and so her friend was hugging me and krissy was jealous / mad ( i stayed with angelica for like 5 mins because i would feel bad leaving her ) so when they're bus got their i said by to angelica with a kiss on the cheek and then krissy just walked away without a bye then i said "wow really ? " she turned back with a smile ran over to me and put her hands on my face or she pulled my jacket towards her ( don't remember which one of those two ) and it looked like she was going to make out with me she titled her head and so did i but it looked like that at last second she got scared and just made out with my cheek lol and when i say made out with my cheek i don't mean with tongue lol

ps: today after my class ( she has my class after me ) she said hi to my friend by like kissing the cheeks but they didnt kiss on the cheeks they just put they cheeks next to each other, then for me she grabbed my head pulled it close to hers as if we were going to make out but it was on the cheeks she was about an inch away from my lips .

Does this mean she likes me or what?

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  • 9 years ago
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    These are DEFINITELY flirty signs ,but watch out. girls play games too. She might be trying to lead you on juust so she could have a little fun, although i doubt it in this situation(; it seems that the signs indicate real love lol. Theres definetely a future there <3. Hope i helped(:

    Source(s): me~~
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