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Fundraising ideas for school?

Heyyy:) im thirteen and in 8th grade, im also a part of the student council, and i begged the club to start a fundraiser for the Change for the Children Foundation. So they agreed, but its my job to plan it out. I need some fundraising ideas, nothing like a bake sale, or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that requires ordering or costs money, example: we had a hat day, everyone who paid a dollar got to wear a hat on a certain day. So something along the lines of a hat day. THANKS!! ;)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Theres a new really cool and easy fundraiser for 2012 that my school has started to take part of. If you go to you can watch their video and you can see what the fundraiser can do for your school. Share the site below with your teachers and school administrators.

  • sell snacks during the lunch period or after school.

    sometimes the lunch food is disgusting and after school everyone is starving and will surley buy the snacks.

    Have a dance in your school and just have it for like the 2 last classes of the day or the last one. Sell the tickets and bam! you have money!

    raffle something off like a mp3 or something of that sort and sell the tickets. people would buy.

    Or wear whatever you want to school day (following dress code rules of course) and sell the tickets so the kids can wear whatever.

    Hope I helped you. Good Luck organizing this fundraiser. :)

  • 9 years ago

    If you want to see a program that will earn lots of money and is free to join check out the ESFMG Fundraising Program. no selling items either. Plenty of school groups are using the program.

  • 9 years ago

    Have a Mixer!!! Where you get other schools to buy tickets to come to a dance at your school! Trust me this makes tons of money because everyone wants to meet new guys/girls. If you have it in your gym and bring in someones ipod and im sure the school has speakers then it will cost your school hardly anything except maybe snacks. (we do hat day at my school too)

    Source(s): Im in 8th grade and wer're raising money for the make a wish foundation
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