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Will the police be angry/willing to come to my house and check on it?

I'm home alone (My roomate is at her mom's with our great dane) with my little terrier. I'm a young girl, about 5'5, 120 pounds. It's late at night, and there was a robbery a few houses down a few nights ago. It doesn't look like anyone is home, because my car is in the garage.

Earlier I went to check if my roommate was home and the motion sensor light in our front yard was on. Shortly after, the neighbors dogs went insane until they called them in. I put our garage light on lock, or thought I did, so I could do laundry, and now it's off again. I have thought I heard things a few times.

I kind of want to call the police and have them check out the house. I have the gun (which I've never shot), and I've locked myself in my room, but I'm afraid to go out.

I'm afraid that since I was raped at gunpoint a couple of years ago, that I'm just overly skittish when left alone at night. (My dog is good for nothing when it comes to guarding, or even warning) I don't want to piss the police off is they come and the sounds are my imagination, but then, I would feel alot better if they did. My roommate won't be home until tomorrow.

Should I call?


Unfortunately, I am in a new state and don't reallly have any friends to speak of, other than my roommate. I don't know my neighbors well either, and that would require me to leave my room, and then the house. It's a big, dark house, and I am a wimp. Haha.

4 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    the problem if they come its you who could get in trouble since you have and

    don't have permit to have one - you don't tell us if you were ever train how use one

    which is the law in some state before you can own gun

    plus its very dangerous there is 80 % chance it will be family member

    who get shot with the gun like you say you skittish and hear noise

    you shoot only to find the person who you just shot was another family member

    its happened too many times

    now you could call but you will have to advise you have gun

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Oh my gawd! Plz phone them asap! You have genuine reasons,the police wont be angry,they should be understanding & helpful! If not.... Shame on them! My heart goes out to you my dear,went through same thing 25years ago! Dont wait a minute longer! Phone them! You should have them on speed dial after what you've been through! So sorry to hear that! Hope it works out Chick! What dosnt kill us,makes us stronger! Hugs to you!

    Source(s): My own!
  • 9 years ago

    Do you have a friend you could call to keep you company, or even the neighbour?

    Try a friend, relative or neighbour before you try the police :)

  • 9 years ago

    If you feel like you are in legit danger. Please call the Police, that is what they are there for. I'm sure they will understand. I have a feeling they would rather you be safe than dead or robbed. Please call them.

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