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1989 ski doo 440 carb needle turns (PLEASE HELP!!!)?

I have a 1989 ski doo safari 440 fan, its really boggie and slow and im almost positive its

the needle adjustments, does anybody know how much to turn them out each? thanks

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  • josh l
    Lv 5
    9 years ago
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    the needle doesnt turn my friend. if you wanna turn sumthin turn the main jet,idle air, or any other jet. the needle goes up and down w/ the slide. if u take the needle out and its even adjustable, its gonna have notches in the needle so you can lower or raise it to allow more or less gas in. check ur float height first.and dont try 2 work on these if u dont know how everything check a spark plug fore i tore the carb down. it'll tell you if the air/fuel mixture is off by the color of the plug.

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