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Where does animal testing happen?

i'm doing a project against animal testing for school, and we have to say we're it's happening in the world.

I know America, Canada, and Britain use animals for this research, but is there anywhere else?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Virtually everywhere in a selection of the different science institutions. Colleges/private owned companies etc

    Estimations of animals used vary, rodents are the bulk of animal studies but dogs rabbits primates etc make up many more.

    In your poster address ethical concerns of testing ie forceful non consent to test on another being, question medical benefits achieved through animal testing ie did it play a major role in the discovery, list alternatives that could be used if more money was funds to research alternative methods, discuss the use of volunteer humans for testing and/or criminals etc etc

    Source(s): Majoring in biological fields utilising ethics Opposed to all forms of animal testing
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    That would depend on what is being tested and for what purpose. Tests vary from company to company depending on the product they produce. For the most part, what they are trying to avoid are lawsuits and negative publicity/negative public perception of the quality of their products. If people did not sue large companies all the time for just about anything, many of these tests would not be necesary. By the way, there is a loophole to all of this. Some companies who claim no animal testing may have contracted all product testing to another independent lab. This lab may have done some animal testing. But the manufacturer can claim that they do not test on animals as indeed they don't. They contracted another to do it. These are businesses and one thing they are always good at it "deniability"

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