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What if you find yourself in heaven and see your friend's spouse?

Riding a bicycle? Then you go to the information desk and ask about this you are seeing. The angel clerk explained people in heaven drive around according to how faithful they were on earth. If the person has been 100% faithful, they will be driving a Rolls Royce, cheated once, a Mercedes, twice, a Toyota, and so forth, the greater the times they cheated, the cheapest the transportation. The woman seemed amazed and turned to the angel again asking for her spouse who had passed away before her. The angel signaled to a long line and said "he is in that line to get his roller skates repaired"

What transportation do you think your spouse will be given in heaven


Marco, I hate to tell you, but I ask whatever question my little heart desires and do not need any suggestions from you, that is what makes a person smart and wise, so go and get a life for a change and stop telling people what to do.

Update 2:

I have just sadly realized how filled with frustrated married people this M&D is!!!!!!! wow, do I feel sorry for them!!!

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  • Bob
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    If you were really 'wisen smart', you wouldn't be asking an inane question like that in 'Marriage and Divorce'. Check the categories and see if there's one called 'Really Lame Jokes' and re-post.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am sorry to tell you that you are neither wise nor smart. So out of all the other silly things you could have talked about, you had to make jokes about Heaven and the ANGELS guarding it. What you should have asked yourself is:

    "Am I going to heaven, to begin with??"

    and if the answer is

    "NO" (and only GOD alone knows. Let's face it, you might decide tomorrow to change your ways and become a good, righteous person)


    "what is it I should be doing if I truly want to go to heaven??"

    HINT: making jokes about Heaven is not one of them.

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