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New lump on old scar?

I have an atrophic scar from a stab wound about 8-10 years ago. It has just recently acquired a small lump right next to it with a small opening on the actual scar. It is also itchy. I have never had any issues with this or other scars in the past and there were no problems while the wound was healing. What could have caused these new symptoms?

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    A scar is what is left after wound has heal. It should not cause anything else to happen. It is the after math.

    Not every question is appropriate and effectitanve for Yahoo! Answer and yours is one of them.

    The problem here is that you call it "lump". In the field of dermatology, certain symptoms can mimic the symptoms of other skin conditions. The point is that any response you obtain here is either spam or guesswork and nothing definitive (which is what you actually want). No one can honestly list you treatment options without knowing what it is.

    Your description is vague at best.

  • Pamela
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    5 years ago

    Unfortunately all scar creams (including mederma) are fake, mederma is onion oil essentially. Scars are like relationships at the time the happen everyone can notice, but time heals all wounds. Give it some time, or concealer.

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